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We all know what it’s like when that special person can’t be there. Sometimes dad got stuck late at work, mom’s travelling, grandma and grandpa live on the other side of the country or we just can’t break away for that necessary coffee date with our best friend. Logitech_webcam_connect_familiesRegardless of the reason, it hurts when we’re missing people that we love.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives in so many ways: it helps us to become more efficient, keeps us organized, sends us reminders, rekindles relationships with people from our pasts, informs us of important news, gives us the chance to share information and seek out advice, and even helps us stay connected with the people we need to. Between blogs, social media, 3rd-party applications like instant messengers and Skype, email, and mobile communications, we’re rarely, if ever, unplugged. And now, technology raises the bar again.

It is estimated that by 2012 there will be nearly 80 million U.S. broadband subscribers. With these increasing numbers and the demand for more efficient and personal methods of staying in touch comes the suggestion that mass adoption of video calling is almost here. Logitech, the world-wide leading maker of webcams, has stepped up to the challenge with Logitech Vid™ HD and their lineup of HD webcams – including cream-of-the-crop Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C910.

There’s little that this small, light-weight webcam can’t do. Anyone, regardless of tech-knowledge, can plug in the camera and:

  1. start a widescreen Full HD 1080p video recording;
  2. capture high-quality, 10-megapixel snapshots and edit them, using Magix™ photo and video editing software;
  3. use one-click sharing to post videos directly to sharing sites, like Facebook and YouTube;
  4. make a video call in HD 720p using any calling services, like instant messengers AIM, Live Messenger and Skype.

And, when you combine Logitech Vid™ HD technology with your Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C910, you can make a free HD video call anytime you plug in your Logitech webcam. Your friends simply have to click a link in an e-mail to participate in a full-screen video conversation with you, complete with crystal-clear sound via two microphones and fluid, high-resolution imaging – without any extra software, costs or 3rd-party conferencing applications.

Of course, being together is your first choice. But when that’s not possible, video conferencing is a close second. Imagine dad getting to read a bed-time story to the kids on late work-nights, and your mom and dad attending baby’s first birthday in Calgary, all the way from PEI. Best of all, this tiny communication catalyst won’t break the bank: with a suggested retail price of $119.99 Cdn, the Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C910 will cost you less than the haircut you’ll show off to your BFF via Skype. Unlike your haircut, the webcam includes a two-year warranty and will always broadcast the real you. And when we say tiny, we mean it – weighing 140 grams, folded, measures 96 mm x 34 mm x 78 mm!

Who doesn’t need more of their loved ones in their lives? HD video conferencing is not only the next step in communications technology for business. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep in touch easily and inexpensively – in any environment with an Internet connection. For more information and product specifications, you can view all of Logitech‘s products.

Sharing is Caring!

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