Capturing Christmas

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If you’ve visited our family travel section or follow our Instagram account, you know I like to capture photos of these moments with my family and friends. I think I take more photos now because my smartphone is with me all the time but TELUS reminded me there’s more to just capturing the images.

Phone stores aren’t what they used to be and TELUS is a good example. Most recently when they sent me an Instax SP1 Share Printer. Even as a huge technology fan I kind of shrugged when this item arrived. Why would I need this little printer when I could edit and print my digital photos from my laptop? The device actually stayed boxed in my home office for months after I received it but then my first office Christmas party arrived. (Remember I returned to work recently).

Having the printer was like having my own little photo booth at the party. I surprised people with photos of them in their curling teams or enjoy drinks in their ugly sweaters. They loved it which had me thinking how much fun this printer would be capturing spontaneous moments with my kids.

Phone showing instax printer app with photo

Unlike the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera that our Junior Style Blogger owns (TELUS also carries this), the printer enables you to use the better image quality on your phone. Keep in mind that the Polaroid-like images are never going to be high quality. The printer is all about spontaneous, instant fun and gives guests something to walk away with.

The nice thing is that the printer can work with multiple smartphones as long as the user has the app and your printer code. This means multiple family members can print. There’s even an edit feature that enables you to crop and rotate photos. You can buy fancy photo frames but the app comes with some fun photo frames for special occasions as well as a few filters.

Phone showing instax printer app with photo and one printed Polaroid like photo

We don’t see my sister and her kids that often, visiting at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the cousins gel like they’ve seen each other every day. Or maybe they gel because they DON’T see each other so often. I’ve stocked up on film to capture these instant moments, giving them all something to take away with them from the moment.

Photo of phone with instax app showing edited photo. Beside fiji instax printer

So while many people are putting down their technology for the holidays, I’ll be using more to capture the fun spontaneous part of Christmas with the family. Funny how my phone company brought this realization to light.


Sharing is Caring!

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