9 Best Backpack Purses For Moms With Toddlers And Newborns

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Being a mom is a full-time job. Although it is undoubtedly a gratifying role that brings you endless joy, it also comes with many responsibilities and duties. You find yourself running around all the time attending to the needs of your kids.

Moms are warriors or superheroes, and every warrior needs the right tools. For a mom, one of those tools is an efficient backpack. This is imperative so that you always have the things your kid might require, be it food, toys, clothes, and so on.

Whether you’re a working mom taking your kid to the office or a homemaker out with your child at the park, a backpack holds everything you need, from your work gadgets to your kid’s favorite book.

There are numerous options in stores, and you could find yourself wondering which is the best backpack purse for moms. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you out.

Best Backpack Purse For Moms With Little Kids

If you think which mom backpack will work the best for you, listed below are some of the best backpack purses to take your pick from:

CLUCI Backpack Purse For WomenCLUCI Backpack Purse For Women• Convertible ways to carry
• Spacious
• High-quality leather
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ZOCILOR Women's Fashion BackpackZOCILOR Women's Fashion Backpack• Vegan leather
• Dual zipper design
• Detachable shoulder strap
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CHERUTY Women's BackpackCHERUTY Women's Backpack• Vegan PU leather
• Anti-theft design
• Waterproof
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ECOSUSI Women's BackpackECOSUSI Women's Backpack• PU lining
• Efficient design
• Waterproof
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Makes Backpacks For WomenMakes Backpacks For Women• Scratch-resistant
• Spacious
• Waterproof
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UTO Women BackpackUTO Women Backpack• Soft leather
• Double zipper design
• Fabric lining
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Makes Backpacks For Women Fashion PU Leather BagMakes Backpacks For Women Fashion PU Leather Bag• High-quality exterior
• Scratch-resistant
• Comes with extra wallet
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Angel Kiss Women's Bags BackpackAngel Kiss Women's Bags Backpack• Nylon lining
• Premium soft material
• Multiple pockets
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Angel Kiss Purses And Handbags WomenAngel Kiss Purses And Handbags Women• Soft, lightweight leather
• Fabric-lined interior
• Metallic hardware
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1. CLUCI Backpack Purse For Women

CLUCI Backpack Purse for Women
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With a 14″ shoulder drop and a soft fabric lining, this backpack from the CLUCI Store is available in 41 colors. The canvas shoulder straps are adjustable, and the tassel in the front gives it an edgy appearance.

The backpack has several compartments, including one main compartment, two inner zipper pockets, two inner slot pockets, two side pockets, and a back zipper pocket. You can also carry it like a shoulder bag.

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2. ZOCILOR Women’s Fashion Backpack

Women's Fashion Backpack
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This backpack from the ZOCILOR Store comes with a 12″ shoulder drop made up of vegan leather and polyurethane leather.

It has two zippers in the front, both adjustable straps, and a detachable shoulder strap. The height of the backpack is 13.4 inches, and comes in 27 shades.

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3. CHERUTY Women’s Backpack

Women's Backpack Purse
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Developed using PU vegan leather, this mom backpack from the CHERUTY Store has 35 shades you can choose from. The anti-theft design lets you carry all your valuable items without any fear.

The bag’s waterproof material enables you to carry it around in all weather conditions. It is incredibly spacious, with two side pockets, two interior slit pockets, and the main compartment with an interior pocket. You can also carry it like a shoulder purse or a tote bag.

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4. ECOSUSI Women’s Backpack

ECOSUSI Women's Backpack
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Looking for a cute, classy backpack? The ECOSUSI Store has just the right one for you available in five different shades. The PU lining and zipper closure make it a durable product, and the waterproof design makes it compatible with every occasion.

Containing a removable tassel and bowknot, it comes with a wallet and a tiny pouch where you can carry your keys or wireless earphones. The multiple pockets create an effective design, and the appearance is pleasing enough to serve as a gift to a mom.

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5. Makes Backpacks For Women

Backpacks For Women Fashion PU Leather Bag
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Gone are the days when mom backpacks would have a flat design and look like a rucksack. Divert your gaze to the backpack from the Makes Store with its 30 different shades and elegant design.

The backpack has a 2-in-1 wallet set and comes with sturdy straps and smooth zippers. It is wear-resistant and spacious enough to hold gadgets, books, documents, and many other items.

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6. UTO Women Backpack

UTO Women Backpack
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UTO brings to you a mom backpack created with soft and synthetic leather and double-streamlined stitching. The tassel element in the front adds an extra charm to its design.

The presence of numerous compartments makes the backpack even more efficient. It has one private zipper pocket, two front zipper pockets, two internal zip pockets, and three slip pockets.

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7. Makes Backpacks For Women Fashion PU Leather Bag

Backpacks For Women Fashion PU Leather Bag Multipurpose Design Convertible Satchel Bag Travel Backpack
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The mom backpack from the Makes Store is one of those designs that can work for a day out, a picnic, or even in an office setting. Offering you the options of elegant colors, it is made up of a material that is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and displays a high-quality exterior.

The backpack also provides a separate, small wallet, and the brand offers an easy return policy.

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8. Angel Kiss Women’s Bags Backpack

Women's Bags Backpack Purse
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Developed using premium leather, this backpack from the Angel Kiss Store is available in 14 lovely colors. There are multiple zippers in the front and also one in the back. The shoulder strap is adjustable, and there’s also a headphone plug along with a tassel pendant.

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9. Angel Kiss Purses And Handbags Women

Purses And Handbags Women Tote Shoulder Top Handle Satchel Hobo Bags Fashion Washed Leather Purse
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How about a bag with not just one but two main compartments? Sounds too good to be true? Well, the Angel Kiss Store brings you a design that moms will love to carry their items in while going out with their little ones.

Made from PU leather, the material of this bag is soft, light, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. The many pockets in the bag let you keep various products at your convenience while also having a long and adjustable shoulder strap.

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What is a Mom Backpack?

What is a Mom Backpack

A mom backpack is used by mothers to carry everything their child might need daily. This could include diapers, feeding bottles, tissues, or an extra pair of clothes.

While the mom backpacks in the past were humongous and not aesthetically attractive, they have gone through a revolution in recent times. The mom backpacks of today are both gorgeous and super-functional.

The backpacks available in the market today are spacious enough to hold items of various sizes while also having pockets ranging from small to big to carry the smaller objects and pieces efficiently.

The best part about a mom’s backpack nowadays is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be carried like a backpack. Equipped with convertible straps, you can wear them as a tote bag or even a purse.

Things to Consider While Buying a Mom Backpack

There are a couple of things to consider and look into before buying a mom’s backpack. They are:

1. Spacious

The most important feature of a mom‘s backpack is its spaciousness. Some mom backpacks have a capacity of more than 30 liters. After all, you will have to fit in your needs and those your child might need.

Think about how often you will use the backpack and when you will use it, such as daily or for trips or picnics. You might only need a little space if it’s a typical day.

If you’re a working mom, you will probably need space for your laptop and other gadgets. If you’re going away on a trip or for the weekend, you will require space for breast pumps and other items.

2. Durable Material

The next thing to check in a mom’s backpack is its material. There are many options available for this, such as leather, nylon, or canvas. You need to buy something that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

For example, perhaps you’re out on a rainy day, and the backpack gets muddy, or maybe your kid ends up drooling on it; in either case, the material should be smooth enough to be cleaned easily.

3. Contains Pockets

Who doesn’t want multiple pockets in their backpack, right? When it’s a mom backpack in question, the more pockets it has, the better it is. No matter your child’s age, you always want to keep snacks and beverages in your pockets.

In addition to the accessories for the baby, keep your keys inside the pockets, medicines, or earphones. Regardless of your backpack’s number of pockets, more is needed.

4. Long-lasting

No mom would want a bag that crumbles after a few months. Before buying a backpack, read all the reviews to see what others say about it.

5. Embellishments And Accessories

Certain backpacks come with embellishments and extra accessories. For example, if you like backpacks with tassels or glittery designs, go for the more decorative pieces. You could even get one with an extra pouch or water bottle.


When there are multiple options in front of you, it could be overwhelming to make a decision, especially when choosing something related to your kids. This is why our list will be helpful to all the moms out there looking for a backpack for themselves.

Go through the options and you’re sure to find something that suits your requirements.

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