BBQ Sunday: Moving the Sunday Dinner Outside

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With summer camps and family vacations, summer can feel almost as busy as the rest of the year.  This summer we’re taking Sundays off, hanging out in the backyard with the grill and enjoying time with the family. We hope you’ll join us each Sunday too.

Remember when Sunday dinners were popular? When the family that was pulled everywhere with their work and social schedules reserved one day a week to be home together and connect? We want to bring that moment back, moving it outside with the BBQ. A few years ago my family switched from a gas grill to a Weber Performa charcoal grill and we haven’t gone back. Sure cooking with charcoal and wood may not be as instant as the gas grill but I think the flavour is so much better.  While enjoying our newfound BBQ inspiration, we discovered another benefit to cooking low and slow. Since we were outside grilling for hours, we never booked other activities for that day. We instead planned family time around the BBQ, getting the kids involved with preparing their food, having a water fight between sauce bastings, playing a board game together. Our Sunday BBQ’s turned into a full-on family experience together, and we loved it.

Whether you’re a gas king or die-hard charcoal cooker, cooking on the BBQ doesn’t have to be a task done by dad in isolation thirty-minutes before everyone sits down to dinner. Each Sunday, during the months of July and August, we’ll be running a Summer BBQ Sunday series, focusing on bringing the Sunday dinner outside. We’ll be sharing some BBQ tools that have made our grilling a breeze and some recipes we love on our Grill too. This year we’ll also try our hand at smoking with the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.  Along with staples, such as ribs and sausages, we hope to branch out into new BBQ territory, such as baking bread, grilling fruit, maybe even making pasta dishes. We’ll also toss in a few fun dessert and tasty drink ideas to make your family dinner complete.

Like you, we have so many plans for our summer. We want to avoid rushing through it. We don’t want summer to be a stepping-stone to the week at the cottage or the family road trip at the end of the month. We want to savour the outdoors and our time reconnecting with each other. If you’re looking at slowing down and enjoying your family, we hope you’ll join us, sharing how you savour your summer.

Week 1: Nachos cooked on the grill, ribs smoked in the smoker, and fresh watermelon squeezed into a tasty mojito cocktail.

Week 2: Kale chips grilled on the BBQ, pizza cooked on the grill, and an easy grilled banana dessert.

Week 3: Roasted mixed nuts, dill cedar plank salmon, rosemary corn on the cob and really easy ice cream sandwiches.

Week 4: Smoked pork loin roast, grilled watermelon and feta salad and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit (and marshmallows).

Week 5: BBQ baked pasta and grilled maple brussel sprouts and bacon skewers.

Week 6: Burger buffet and grilled apples a la mode.

Week 7: Grilled shrimp tacos and barbecued cinnamon buns.

Week 8: Grilled pork chops with apples and sangria.

Sharing is Caring!

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