A&W Makes Food Choice Changes

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Whether we’re travelling or eating at home, food quality has become a higher priority in our home as in the home of many families. If I venture into old habits my body is quick to tell me of my mistake. This is one reason why I don’t take my family to many quick service restaurants with the exception of A&W.

Part of that is nostalgia (and a craving for a frosty mug of A&W rootbeer). I have fond memories of moving through the A&W Burger Family ®, from Baby to Teen and now Mama Burger. I know it’s just a name but it gets me. Beyond nostalgia the new food changes being implemented in A&W across Canada has given me another reason to consider visiting the chain with my family.

It started with the burger in September 2013 when it was decided that the entire A&W Burger Family® would be made with 100% pure beef from sustainable ranchers. This means cattle raised without the use of hormones or steroids and no additives, preservatives or fillers. From beef the restaurant relooked their egg suppliers. Although I never think of A&W as a breakfast choice, the restaurant has also made changes in the eggs used in their menu choices. Guests can expect egg gathered from hens fed a fully vegetarian diet without animal by-products. They seem like obvious food requirements but as us consumers have discovered many restaurants in the quick service industry haven’t been making these considerations.

At A&W, we take food seriously and we’re proud to set high standards when it comes to ingredients,” says Susan Senecal, Ingredients Champion. “We began our ingredients guarantee in September 2013 with the very well received introduction of beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids. In September of this year, we introduced eggs from chickens fed only a vegetarian diet without animal by-products and now we’re proud to be introducing chicken raised without the use of antibiotics.

The changes continue. Starting October 20, 2014 my daughter’s favourite A&W menu item, the Chubby Chicken, also gets a makeover. Following the steps made with the restaurant’s beef and egg choices, A&W chicken items will be made from hens raised without the use of antibiotics and fed a vegetarian diet without animal by-products, the only national fast food chain in North America to make this change.

AW Food Choice Changes Beef

Obviously these changes are good news when it comes to healthier quick food choices but A&W customers seem to also agree. When 6,000 Canadians were asked in a recent BrandSpark survey which establishment makes the best tasting burger in Canada, they put A&W at the top.

There’s no denying made fresh at home family meals are always the best but sometimes busy schedules, a special treat or a trip down nostalgia’s walkway means a dinner out or To-Go. It’s nice to know that A&W is listening to consumer concerns regarding food choices and making changes.

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