American Express UNSTAGED with Kings of Leon

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As an Amex Ambassador and a long time Cardmember, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the premium service American Express membership has to offer. Most recently I attended a special screening of the latest American Express UNSTAGED event with Kings of Leon.

Although the Kings of Leon streaming concert on August 9 was my first American Express UNSTAGED experience, it represents the 13th UNSTAGED event for American Express. In case you’re new to the whole UNSTAGED scene too, it’s a music series that partners popular musical acts with creative film directors and live-stream the concert experiences worldwide over YouTube. Past UNSTAGED performances have featured such great musical and directorial partnerships as Jack White and Gary Oldman, Duran Duran and David Lynch and the most recent Kings of Leon and Fred Armisen. American Express is known for creating memorable experiences for its members and UNSTAGED is a perfect example.

amex unstaged kingsleon graphic

I love Fred Armisen’s work from Portlandia and his video episodes with the Kings of Leon are fantastically funny as you can see from the episodes at www.amexUNSTAGED.com. Cardmembers and non-cardmembers alike could enjoy the live streaming on Youtube and join in on the conversation with viewers around the globe.

amex unstaged kingsleon tourbus

amex unstaged kingsleon photocarpet

I was invited to a special screening at the Revolution Recording Studio in the east end of Toronto and I had the chance to bring along one of our readers. Sandy and her hubby Nick from Oh Baby Magazine joined me and other Amex Ambassadors on the tour bus as we made our way to the studio. What a perfect way to kick-off a concert experience.

amex unstaged kingsleon guest

At the event we had a chance to stroll the red carpet in front of the paparazzi. A photo is pretty cool but how about having that photo of Tamara (Wondermoms) and I etched on a chocolate CD? Sweet!

amex unstaged kingsleon chocolate

Around the room, the Kings of Leon and Fred Armisen pre-concert videos were playing while we mixed and mingled over champagne and appetizers. I especially loved the twenty-four hour smoked brisket on cheddar cheese biscuits. I also loved catching up with Wendy from Hip Urban Girl and Dave and Deb from Planet D, also Amex Ambassadors.

amex unstaged kingsleon table

amex unstaged kingsleon food

The Kings of Leon concert played while we sat at a long dining table, stretching from one end of the main recording studio to the other. We read the live Twitter streams on the monitor, took pictures of our food, and chatted about some of our best American Express experiences, like my hero status after using Front Of The Line to secure great seats at my oldest daughter’s first concert.

amex unstaged kingsleon crowd

The fun continued throughout the evening with great giveaways and… .

If you missed the Kings of Leon American Express UNSTAGED event you can watch it along with all the pre-concert videos online at www.amexUNSTAGED.com. UNSTAGED is just one way American Express brings memorable entertainment experiences and offers to Cardmembers. For more information visit www.americanexpress.com/canada or keep in the know on their Facebook page.

As an Amex Ambassador I’m looking forward to sharing more of these great experiences from American Express Canada and why I love being a Cardmember.

This post was sponsored by American Express Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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