Achieving Flexibility When Returning to Work

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When I agreed to take on a new role, returning to the digital agency life again as a Program Director at Blue Hive, the HR personal was curious why I would give up the freedom my work-from-home life afforded me. It’s true, I did enjoy a fair amount of freedom like volunteering at my children’s school or taking impromptu trips. What she didn’t know was that thanks to TELUS I wasn’t giving up on my freedom. I was adding more flexibility.

My job requires me to stay connected with team members, either in the office or out of the country. That doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stay at my desk. A great example would be a recent Friday PA Day. We were able to take a quick trip up to Montreal, taking in the large Barbie exhibit and just enjoying family time at the Hotel la Crystal.

Orange Julep, a Montreal road trip favourite.

This wasn’t a vacation day for me but a flexible work day.

Connectivity meant I could handle calls and check emails on the drive from Toronto to Montreal, no dropped service. The person on the other end couldn’t tell if I was amidst skyscrapers in a downtown urban center or driving past rural farms. They shouldn’t care as long as I’m able to complete the task at hand.

Continuous power, like my Mophie Power Reserve or Waka Waka Solar Battery (on my wish list), means my phone, my lifeline, is always powered up. No dying calls or frantically finding a power outlet when I’m out with the family. I could switch from sharing travel moments on Instagram and then check-in with my team on Skype.


Lately concerns around public WIFI make me wary of signing on, especially when work is concerned. Tethering to my Samsung Galaxy gives me connectivity to my laptop to send files, participate in team web chats, and just get things completed in a larger workspace than on my mobile screen. It also means using the security of my TELUS data plan. And if I’m across the border, my Easy Roam service.

Returning to work requires a little more planning on my end when it comes to trying to add flexibility between work and home. Thanks to TELUS, whether it’s their reliable service, travel plans or accessories that make working remotely or on the road easier, I can still enjoy the flexibility working from home once offered me, even when I’ve returned to office life.


As a TELUS advocate and member of Team TELUS I’ll be sharing similar posts like this but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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