A New Role with TELUS

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Sharing is Caring!

It can sometimes feel as though our loyalty to brands is fickle, changing based on who has the best offer or what’s the coolest new thing. I’m not immune to this as my needs change and I become more educated. If I’m honest there are only a few brands that have won me over as a long-term customer and TELUS is one such brand.

I’m amazed at the number of kids sporting cell phones. Our own Junior Style Blogger has her own phone now though I have seen tweens and younger carrying their own devices when out in the playground or schoolyard. Thinking back, I didn’t receive my first phone until after finishing school and starting my real for life job. That phone was from TELUS. That was over twenty years ago, just shy of how long I’ve been married, and both relationships are going strong.

Sure I’ve changed my phone, updating from the small brick-like Nokia to a colourful green LG flip phone (which I still have around), moving into the smartphone market with Apple and then eventually discovering my current favourite, my Samsung Galaxy S6. Changing technology aside, my experience with TELUS has never wavered. I’ve never felt the need to look elsewhere and I have even brought my husband onboard and most recently my oldest daughter.

Team TELUS Advocate Old Phone

On the EverythingMom side of things I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with TELUS, supporting their community involvement in programs like We Day, or sharing their knowledge when it comes to smartphones and using them wisely. TELUS has traveled with us, helping navigate Hawaii and keeping our Junior Style Blogger entertained on long road trips (did someone say car selfie?)

Did you know the folks at TELUS will also help you with any of your new phone questions? Nothing worse than having the excitement of a new phone purchase dampened by technology glitches or just not knowing what to do. I attending a session to go over a few tips and tricks with my new Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. The best part is anyone can book an appointment with the Learning Centre and it’s absolutely free!

Team TELUS Advocate Training

When you believe in a brand and form a personal relationship, the transition into a working relationship is that much easier. That’s the next step I’ve taken with TELUS, joining 14 other Canadian bloggers of similar passion to become a part of Team TELUS.

Team TELUS advocate gear (1)

This means you’ll be seeing a few posts from me on how TELUS fits into my life, whether it’s enabling me to stay connected when traveling, support initiatives that better the future of my children and all children, or just have fun (safe fun). There are so many aspects of my family and work life that has been touched by TELUS and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Because when you believe in a brand you share that with others.

As a TELUS advocate and member of Team TELUS I’ll be sharing similar posts like this but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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