A Father-Daughter Tradition Continues

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As parents, we spend a lot of time helping with homework and making school lunches but it’s the traditions that create lasting memories. American Express Canada and The Hunger Games play a role in a father daughter tradition in our home.

When news came out about The Hunger Games story coming to film, my daughter couldn’t wait to see it on the big screen. She had read the first book two times already. Not feeling it was a film appropriate for the rest of the family, I used my American Express Gold Rewards Card to buy tickets for my husband and daughter.

The tradition continued two years later when The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 arrived in theatres and I was able to take advantage to the American Express presale offered to Cardmembers. Now my husband and daughter had tickets to the film’s opening night before tickets were even made available to the public.


From earning travel points when I bought tickets and popcorn to enjoying advance ticket purchase for the film, my American Express Gold Rewards Card has made it easy to create a wonderful father-daughter tradition. Wish you could sample some of these benefits? Well American Express Canada recently announced that even non-Cardmembers can  experience the benefits American Express Invites has to offer.

One recent experience invited Torontonians to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the advance screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 at the TIFF Lightbox. My husband and daughter were invited to attend making a fitting way to wrap up their Hunger Games tradition.


Imagine being one of the few people to see the conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy before it hit theatres. Excited winners lined up eager to be entertained and what better venue for a movie screening than the TIFF Lightbox, home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Guests were also treated to popcorn and drinks for the full movie experience.

Needless to say, both husband and daughter were thrilled to be part of that small group with bragging rights to seeing the final chapter before anyone else in the city. Now that’s a real perk to having access to American Express Invites.


Although the advance screening was a one-off event, American Express Canada has more fun up its sleeve with an exclusive dining experience planned at Toronto’s Bar Raval this December. Checkout American Express Invites to find out how you can get on the guest list between November 26th to December 6th.

As for my husband and daughter, they walked away from their movie screening experience with mixed emotions. They loved the film, the best of the three according to my daughter, but I think they’re a little sad their tradition has come to an end. Perhaps it’s time to checkout what new offers are available to start a new tradition.

Whatever new traditions we create as a family I have a feeling American Express will be there, providing exclusive experiences, travel rewards, and outstanding customer service I’ve come to rely on. Isn’t that what membership is all about?

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Sharing is Caring!

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