9 Easy Tips for Natural Family Living

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We all want the best for our families but sometimes the thought of “natural living” can seem like a daunting task one which requires an upheaval of the ways we currently live. Natural living can be simple and as with anything, you can apply it to your current lifestyle to any degree.

1. Eat Organic.

natural-livingEating organic will ensure that your family is safely eliminating harmful chemicals from their diets. Don’t limit organic to only those fresh items like produce, dairy and meat. Include organic choices in your grocery staples such as flour, prepared boxed meals, breads, and frozen foods. Foods that are certified organic do not usually contain harmful additives like artificial food coloring, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

2. Buy Local.

Search out a local farmers market in your area or even a farm which has a selling outlet. This will strengthen the relationship you and your family have with healthy and fresh foods. Foods grown locally are much fresher and often less contaminated than those who travel through the food supply chain.

3. Ditch the Chemicals.

While we all strive to have a healthy and clean home, many of the chemical laden products we use can do more harm than good. Clean using “green” cleaners or use vinegar as a base for most cleaning. Don’t worry about the smell—the smell of the vinegar dissipates as soon as it dries. I have found using vinegar and water in my carpet steamer cleans better than all of the specialty carpet cleaners I have tried.

4. Minimize Chemicals on the Skin.

Use natural or organic soaps and shampoos. Many chemicals found in soaps and body washes can be absorbed through the skin especially in babies and children. Use very basic cleansers and lotions with all natural ingredients. Pure coconut oil makes a great skin protectant and keeps moisture in.

5. Fresh Air.

Nothing will make your home smell better than fresh air. Pass on using household air fresheners and open your windows, even in winter for a few minutes.

6. Bring in Plants.

Broad leafed plants can actually help remove environmental toxins from the air.

7. Essential Oils.

Use essential oils to fragrance your home. The oils are all natural and can be custom tailored to a specific need or desired mood.

8. Avoid Over-usage of Medications For Minor Ailments.

When your child has growing pains or other minor ailments, we sometimes rely too heavily on medications. For growing pains and sore muscles try either warm baths with essential oils or homemade heat packs made from rice or flax seeds. Use basic massage strokes to loosen muscles. For colds, try warm baths with eucalyptus oils.

9. Compost.

Designs on compost areas can be as simple as a circle of mesh fence to complex composting bins but the results are all the same. You will yield a rich crumbly organic fertilizer for your garden and reduce your kitchen garbage waste by composting food scraps layered with grass cuttings and leaves. Turn it over once a month for good air flow.

Even by adopting a few of these ideas you will be on your way to living a more natural life. Try adding one or two techniques a month to minimize the possibility of overwhelming yourself. Once you have several under your belt, you’ll be looking for more ways to live naturally!

Sharing is Caring!

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