5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family

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Using the words ‘luxury’ and ‘family’ in the same sentence may seem like an oxymoron but even families deserve to be pampered now and again too. It’s easier than you think. Try incorporating one of these luxuries into your routine and your family will think it’s a special occasion.

1. Weekend Breakfast During the Week.

Everyone knows when the weekend hits. There’s no early morning rush to meet the bus, television in the morning is okay, and the smell of French toast is in the air. The weekend provides a slower morning to enjoy something other than a rushed bowl of cereal but even though the weekday routine doesn’t allow for as much time you can still treat the family to a weekend breakfast during the week.

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family Breakfast1

During an evening when you have a little more time in the kitchen make up a batch of pancakes or french toast but instead of serving them put them in a freezer bag. Come Monday morning, pop them in the toaster to heat up and serve. My kids especially love their french toast cut into fun strips to dip into yogurt or a little bowl of syrup. The kids won’t know what hit them.

2.  Crisp Fresh Sheets.

As parents we know how important the bedtime routine can be and nothing helps me fall asleep faster than getting into a crisp freshly made bed. I think that’s why I insist the kids make their own beds everyday. As soon as my kids moved out of cribs they were expected to make their beds every morning. It didn’t have to be perfect but it had to be done.

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family Fresh Sheets

But fresh sheets are the best. I’m no homemaker but once a week I like to pamper the family with the feeling of fresh crisp sheets. I strip the sheets, air out the beds and remake them with freshly washed sheets. It’s a little thing but the kids notice the difference right away and it’s a wonderful way to end the week.

3. Just Add Ice.

I try to encourage my family to drink a lot of water. Dehydration can show itself in many forms. Feeling tired? Drink water. Feeling hungry? Drink water. But water can be pretty boring compared to sweeter callings like juice or soda. You can make infused water, adding lemon and cucumber or maybe some fruit, but these never interest my kids especially my youngest who can be very literal about her food. Water must taste like water.

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family Add Ice

A simple trick of a few ice cubes can change the whole drinking experience. Whether it’s water or a simple glass of orange juice, the clinking of ice in a glass some how elevates the experience from just a drink to a treat.

4. Dinner with the Good Dishes.

As a kid we had everyday dishes and then the good dishes. When the table was set with grandma’s china we knew it was a special dinner or company was coming. That tradition still holds true in my own home.

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family Fancy Dishes

Though we don’t have fine china we still dress up the table with special silverware, colourful plates and nice glassware for important occasions and holiday dinners. It is nice to mark special meals but why can’t the first Wednesday of the month be a special meal too? Dress-up the table for dinner just because you can and enjoy the special occasion of eating as a family together.

5. Gourmet Popcorn.

Although it is nice to take the family out to see a film, we still love a movie night at home. Nothing beats snuggling as a group in the living room with pillows, PJs and a bowl full of popcorn. Fresh popped corn on the stove is the best, so much better than the microwave kind. I love how you can customize the flavour too.

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family Movie Themed Popcorn

Why not pamper your family with some flavoured popcorn to match your movie selection:

Just because kids enter the picture doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few luxuries at home. These five ideas are easy ways to turn an ordinary day into an event. The best part of this pampering is that it doesn’t take a lot on your end but your family doesn’t need to know that.


Sharing is Caring!

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