10 Ways to Protect Your Kids Online

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Technology happens to be big in our home but for most families it’s something you can’t really avoid. From playing games and researching school projects online to connecting and sharing with friends through social media tools, our kids aren’t immune to the lure of technology. But are they using it wisely?

Telus Wise is an educational program focused on starting the discussion in families around Internet and smartphone safety. They offer online seminars as well as a video library covering topics of interest to families and their immerging tech kids.

Part of our role as parents is to guide our kids but sometimes in the field of technology it can feel as though we are our out of our depth. To help your kids become tech savvy, Telus has 10 online safety tips for you to implement:

  1. Google yourself – Put a Google Alert on your name so you can track your digital footprint .
  2. Set strong passwords – Prevent hackers from getting into your computer, smartphone or online profiles.
  3. Turn off geo-tagging – Avoid location details being attached to things like photos when taken on a smartphone.
  4. Install security software – Some smartphones come with software to locate your phone when lost; take advantage of these free services.
  5. Configure your profile settings – Ensure privacy is set on all your online profiles.
  6. Keep your browser updated – and clear your browser history and cache at least once a month.
  7. Be cautious using free Wi-Fi – Make sure your device is secure so hackers can access personal information.
  8. Choose new aps carefully – Only use your device’s App Store to ensure downloads are safe and virus free.
  9. Beware of risks using Bluetooth technology – Only enable connections with trusted devices.
  10. Delete personal data when recycling old devices – Use the factory reset to properly remove things like photos, passwords and files.

When implementing these safety procedures be sure to involve your kids in the process. Just like you would talk about acceptable and questionable behaviour in the schoolyard, discussing similar rules and expectations in the online world is just as important.

Be sure to visit Telus Wise for more tips and helpful information.

Sharing is Caring!

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