It Takes More Than Just a Teacher

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Sharing is Caring!

When it comes to thank you gifts, we all remember the teacher, the person who spends almost as much time with our kids as we do. But as parents we know that it is more than just the classroom teacher that molds our child’s school experience and education.

There is the gym teacher, music teacher and French teacher. There is the parent volunteer, teacher’s assistant, and custodial staff. We can’t forget the secretary or school principal either. Some interact with your child directly while others are in the background but all influence your child’s positive experience in school.

Yet when it comes to recognition it’s the others that get forgotten. You could buy a gift for each person or write a note of gratitude but that can be costly or time consuming and you are bound to forget someone. The folks at Tassimo offered me their new T55 k-cup machine this past holiday and although I love receiving gifts I didn’t really need it. The school staff, however, could benefit from a good cup of coffee or tea (or any of the other 40+ types of k-cups available). Tassimo agreed and graciously sent the machine with coffee and tea samples to our school.

To say the staff was happy was an understatement. I had teachers I knew and staff I didn’t thank me for the gift, “it’s like Christmas in the staff room.” My kids will still create cards and gifts for their day-to-day teachers but the Tassimo T55 in the staff room is our thank you to all the staff that has played a part and will continue to play a part in the lives of my children on their road to adulthood.

When it comes to saying thank you to your child’s teacher this year, don’t forget the rest of the staff. Perhaps a gift that can benefit everyone will be appreciated more.

Sharing is Caring!