Introducing Your Child to Yoga

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Sharing is Caring!

Are you looking for a program that will allow your child to develop a strong, flexible and healthy mind, body and spirit? Increase concentration, attention and focus? Aren’t we all seeking this for our little loved ones as we search for calmness within a continually moving society?

Allow your child the experience to learn to love his mind, body and spirit as he soars into whole body health.

Integration of yoga into a child’s life allows for a sense of calmness and relaxation, coupled with environmental awareness and tools for personal stress management. Childrens’ yoga classes foster a sharing and caring environment and bring honour and thankfulness for their selves, families and surroundings.

Through the use of movement and animated poses and postures (asanas) and animal-like imitations, children will begin to develop a safe and sound yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment. Breathing techniques (prananyama) and visualization (meditation) will allow your child to be herself, relax, and develop self-control, along with inner motivation and an increase in self-esteem.

Preschool children will enjoy the fun and creative atmosphere that introduces animal-like poses and visualization, with the introduction of some breathing techniques. Through the use of yoga based games and activities children gain an appreciation for yoga and its lifestyle, while creating a strong base for their future journey. School age children will be introduced to various asanas first through movement and visualization, and then developed into sequences. Each class is developed to foster each child’s learning style, developmental stage and personality, in a nurturing and safe environment.

Children’s yoga has been gaining interest and establishing itself throughout North America, however keep in mind that yoga is a practice and lifestyle that has been practiced for many of thousands of years. Yoga is not just about moving the body into various asanas and challenging oneself to master a difficult one. Yoga is not about competing or watching your peers next to you on the mat. It is about being yourself and allowing your own star to shine bright. It allows for self-discovery, inner strength, and compassion. Give your children the best gift of life and foster a caring environment where they are able to move their bodies, free their minds and allow their spirits to soar.

Find a local children’s yoga program in your community by searching your recreation guide, running a local Internet search, or finding a yoga studio close to your home.


Amanda DeGrace, President & Founder of Little Lotus Yoga, can be found at www.littlelotusyoga.ca. When she is not sharing her love for yoga with others she is at home snuggled with her 3-year-old boy and 18-month-old baby girl.  Follow her on twitter at @amandadegrace or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LLYoga

Sharing is Caring!