How to Make a Boy: Trying to Conceive – Gender Selection 101

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Is there a best way or day to make a boy or a girl?  For ages and ages, the world has been abuzz in routes to take for parents to select gender.  Some cultures have gender preference.  Some couples have a medical predisposition to pass on genetic traits to one sex over another.   Some families may want a specific family balancing.  Other families simply want a male child to pass on the family name.  If you could, would you try to make a boy?

How to Make a Boy: Trying to Conceive – Gender Selection 101The scientific community’s position is that there is no 100% proven method to pre-select gender.  However, there are more than a few tips out in the world to consider, some with supporting medical data and others just plain old wives’ tales.

5 ways on how to make a boy (maybe):

#1: Sexual position determines baby’s sex.  Rear-entry (doggie style) position for boys.  Missionary (man on top) position for girls.

#2: Eat cereal every morning and you’ll have a boy.  A British survey (at the University of Exeter) found that of 740 first-time moms 56% of those who ate breakfast cereal had boys.

#3: Intercourse closer to ovulation date will make a boy.  Wanna give it a try?  Check’s ovulation calendar which marks best boy Vs. girl days.

#4: Seek knowledge in the Chinese Gender Chart.  Google those keywords and 11,900,000 results pop up (showing the popularity of this gender chart).  The chart bases best boy Vs. girl days based on mother’s age and possible month of conception. Also, based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

#5: Sperm sorting.  A high tech and medically invasive procedure requiring assistance from medical professionals.  In a lab, the X and Y sperm are sorted and then inseminated into the egg.

Maybe you’ve been working on how to make a boy and now you are pregnant. What about those old wives’ tales about finding out gender before birth:

Fetal Heart Rate:  Purportedly, if the baby’s fetal heart rate is +140 beats per minute it’s a girl.  If it’s under you’re having a boy.

Carrying High Vs Low:  Supposedly, girls’ carry high and boys’ carry low in the womb.

Wedding Ring Test:  Put your wedding ring on a string and hold it over the mom-to-be’s womb.  If the rings motions in a straight line (back and forth) you’re having a girl.  If the ring starts to circle you’re expecting a boy.

Whether you want to know which colour to paint the nursery or choose names early…wondering about the sex of a pre-born baby is part of parenthood.  Some expectant parents have preference and that shouldn’t be judged.  However, above all…everyone wants a healthy baby – boy or girl.

Sharing is Caring!

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