Two Products to Treat Lice Naturally

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Through the school trip permission forms and homework agendas you may find a white piece of paper with the words every parent dreads: Your child or a student in your child’s class is suspected of having Pediculus (lice).

Parents often complain about the amount of paperwork they have to fill out when the kids start school, like parental homework, but I’m sure any parent would agree these sheets of fill-in-the-blank forms are better than a notice about lice in the classroom. I know first hand. With three kids we’ve seen our fair share of these notes and I’ve come to expect them during the first month back at school. This neatly typed paper on school letterhead is akin to receiving the Black Spot.

It also means a trip to the drugstore to pick-up some chemical treatment or shampoo in the hopes of riding your child’s head of potential nits that could sprout into an itchy headache. The treatments usually result in my kids complaining of a burning sensation on their head. Burning. I’ll admit as a parent my focus is to ensure the problem is eradicated, not thinking much about the chemicals used in the treatments. I mean they’re sold in stores for the purpose of using on children so they can’t be so bad right?

As we’ve all discovered, there are a number of products sold to consumers as safe but containing additives and chemicals with questionable effects on our bodies. Recent reports seem to indicate that these chemical-laden treatments may be doing more harm than good, creating super bugs.

It is no wonder parents are looking for alternatives to solve the problem. I have discovered that a really good comb, the metal kind with tapered tips, is a must-have tool to fight these little buggers. Beyond that Abundance Naturally sells two natural products aimed at helping parents rid their child’s head of these microscopic pests without toxic chemicals.

Two Natural Products to Combat Lice2

We love Abundance Naturally for the variety of products they sell, such as Kosmea Australia and Bellaboo Natural Skincare. Even my son has fallen in love with the Sanctum line for their body wash.

Two other brands they carry, Thursday Plantation and EcoKid have a variety of natural products for your family’s daily skincare routine but when I discovered their natural lice products I stocked up.

EcoKid’s Lice Bomb Head Lice Remover’s natural oils are fine for us but not so good for lice, making them ideal for delousing.

Lice Bomb uses natural terpenes and hydrocarbons from high grade essential oils that can normally be ingested safely by humans but have higher solvent powers than chemical paint thinners.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits of tea tree oil and Thursday Plantation is the leader in Tea Tree Oil research, quality and purity, carrying a dizzying array of products. Their Tea Tree Head Lice Gel Kit contains 100% tea tree oil in a clear gel to help remove lice and nits from your child and hair.

Although I hope every time my kids empty their backpacks that one of these notices doesn’t cross my hands but if it should I have some natural products that I hope will help without irritating my children’s skin. But remember, with any product you use to combat lice, continuous monitoring and a thorough combing are always best.

Sharing is Caring!