3 Reasons Reflexology for Infertility Works (Expert Written Article)

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Pressing the feet to get a baby? Reflexology is a treatment working certain points on the feet which correspond with the body.

So why on earth are there so many stories around on the internet of women who claim that this therapy helped them get pregnant?

3 Reasons Reflexology for Infertility Works (Expert Written Article)

As a maternity reflexologist here are the three reasons I think it works:

  1. Rebalancing the Body
  2. Total Relaxation
  3. Taking Control

Rebalancing the body

Reflexology works by stimulating reflex points on the feet that correspond to parts of the body.

The maternity reflexologist is specially trained to work the relevant reflexes and the supporting systems.

For example, it is obvious to work areas relating to the reproductive system but it is also important to work the nervous system as this supports the body in creating the right environment for conception.

Total Relaxation

An hour-long reflexology session is like heaven on earth. As a practicing holistic therapist, I can 100% say that it is the most relaxing and most powerful treatment I provide.

Of course, massage is fantastic, and a hot stone massage another level again, but reflexology is in another league entirely.

The difference is that the benefits are multi-dimensional and they last. In mine and my clients’ experience, the most surprising benefit is a change of perspective – feeling calmer, generally happier and more in control.

A bit like the opposite of PMT! And that I believe is due to the way reflexology rebalances the hormones within the system.

Anyone who has regular reflexology treatments and then stops very quickly realizes how much better they felt having the treatments.

During the actual treatment, the focus is on allowing the client to totally relax using massage and pressure point techniques to the foot and lower leg.

During my sessions, we focus on relaxing breaths and positive visualizations during the treatment.

I often liken the effect of the reflexology treatment to hypnotherapy, due to the speed my clients go from chatty and animated to being unable to form words and slipping into an almost meditative state.

Breathing slows, blood pressure drops, the tension eases and the body’s innate healing ability is given space to work.

Compare this to a stressed, anxious, overworked woman flitting from home to work to the shops, whilst remembering every date, birthday, appointment and mentally planning the evening meal and so on.

Often, when trying to conceive, there will be a lot of negative, repetitive thought patterns taking place. Reflexology is ‘enforced relaxation’ and breaks the cycle.

Taking Control

Of course, all women who are trying to conceive are at different stages in their journey.

However, often simply acknowledging that they are ready for a baby, and they feel it is time to take positive steps to help themselves achieve that is very powerful indeed.

They send a signal to themselves that they are taking control, rather than waiting for doctor’s appointments or tests or assessments in a passive role in their own health.

The very act of taking an hour for yourself, making space in a busy life and receiving physical and emotional support from a therapist can make all the difference.

There are no double-blind clinical trials that support reflexology as an aid to fertility – how could there be?

The incredible, magical, random act of conception can only be medicalized in a laboratory but holistic therapy has a real, undisputable part to play.

Women who have reflexology to aid conception feel more relaxed, more in control and feel they have more perspective on a very stressful process in their lives.

I can confidently say that as fact from my own experience. I would never claim any of my clients get pregnant solely through reflexology, I mean they have to have sex as well, but I can confidently say that I have seen many, many women who were trying to get pregnant who then went on and conceived after only a few sessions of reflexology.

Co-incidence? Maybe.

I’ll still take it though – I have the best, most satisfying job in the world.

Nothing quite beats getting that text off a client that says ‘I’m Pregnant’.

Author: Helen Pritchard is an experienced holistic therapist, infant massage instructor, and mum of two, with a passion for helping parents and babies in a holistic and accessible way. Her website www.newstorktimes.co.uk provides digital tutorials that take parents step-by-step through baby massage routines to help them reduce pain and discomfort and increase parent-child bonding. She even has a free colic & wind help video which you can download straight away.

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