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There’s something about the start of the New Year that brings out our desire to make changes and start fresh. For many, including myself, it means adding a little healthy living into your routine. A fun way to get motivated around fitness is with the right clothes and Fila Canada can help.

I’m busy. You’re busy. It’s hard to squeeze things like exercising into your routine but we manage, even if it is just doing a quick run after dropping the kids off at school or adding some yoga stretches in the mid-afternoon. Fila Canada makes it easy to fit fitness into your routine too with the launch of their online store. Now you can get inspired to tackle your resolution on your time, in your home.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to fitness but I did start running last year and I’m looking forward to picking it up again once the kids are back in school. If I could make my New Year’s Fitness wish list from Fila Canada’s online store, my top 5 picks would be:

Lo-Pro Ultralight Jacket
I started running when the weather was warm and I do prefer running outside versus indoors. If I am to continue running outdoors I would need a jacket and this Lo-Pro Ultalight Jacket is insulated as well as water and wind resistant.

Oppio SS Scoop Shirt
Not all my exercise is running. I’m also trying to work on flexibility and stretching and this Oppio SS Scoop looks like a comfortable shirt without looking like a t-shirt. I’ll admit I love the flower pattern and colours it comes in, like teal and vivid pink. Your workout clothes should be fun too and this shirt certainly is.

Sparkle FZ Hoodie
Hoodies are sort of a workout staple. I usually wear one when warming up and after cooling down. Although I love colour, a simple gray hoodie is a nice piece to have in your closet. This Sparkle FZ Hoodie seems fitted versus bulky like a sweatshirt which is flattering too.

Jazz V S/S Tee
I don’t have a very flattering middle so I’m a fan of longer shirts, especially ones with built-in panels like this Jazz V S/S Tee. I prefer the short sleeves design to the tank top design, especially in the two-tone pattern, and a shirt designed with moisture wicking material is a must.

Skele-Toes 2.0
I know these are not new but I’ll admit I’m curious to try the Skele-Toes runners. Even as a novice runner I know having the right pair of shoes can make a huge difference. The toe shoe design is suppose to allow your feet to function naturally, as they would barefoot.

Along with clothing and accessories for women, Fila Canada’s online store also carries items for men and shoes for kids making it perfect for getting the whole family ready for an active New Year. You can find Fila Canada on Facebook and start a conversation with them on Twitter.

What would be on your fitness-shopping list?

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Sharing is Caring!

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