Making Food Fun!

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Sharing is Caring!

I have blogged before about how I try to make healthy choices for my kids. That includes making them eat vegetables every day and fruit every day and teaching them about all the food groups. Of course their favorite food is still jelly beans and ice cream and I am the meanest mommy ‘EVER!’ cause I make them eat asparagus . .they are normal kids like all other kids!

Making Food Fun!But I am not giving up or giving in!! I am very consistent on table manners and dessert. You sit at the family table for dinner every night until we are all finished, you DO NOT play with your food and you don’t get dessert (or Daddy’s gummy vitamins!) if you don’t finish your dinner. It all gets pretty boring and repetitive around here. I get tired of hearing myself say the same thing at every meal, I can imagine how the kids feel . . they likely tuned me out years ago !!!

So, to liven things up a bit and get the kids on my good side, I started a new tradition around here a few years back. I told the kids they are ALLOWED to play with their food ! My husband thought I was crazy! But we are having so much fun with it!

Its a special thing, its a (somewhat) controlled thing; yes, its messy, its gross, its tasty and its right at the top of every kids fun list !! I have inexpensive large plastic trays from IKEA that have a nice tall edge, we wash our hands really well and we get creative! A little chocolate pudding, mix in some vanilla pudding – with your hands of course!!! – add some whip cream, jello, maybe sprinkles? Anything goes. They love mixing it up and licking it off ! We’ve done ice cream with chocolate sauce and I hand out straws to slurp up the melted finished product!

We have even brought in a tray full of snow from outside. I give them some small cups to make little snow forts on their trays and some food colouring to turn it colours . . they play til it melts and then we go get more from outside!!

I am hoping my healthy kids find ways to always enjoy food . . . cause its not just for eating you know !!!

Sharing is Caring!