10 Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

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Have you tried everything and you’re still getting frustrated with a low milk supply while breastfeeding? I’ve got a list of the best supplements to increase milk supply to help boost your supply and keep you and your baby happy and stress-free.

Have you tried everything to boost your milk supply and still had no luck? You’re not alone!

A lot of moms are surprised when they aren’t producing a ton of milk at first. Sometimes for whatever reason even when mommas are doing everything right, they still can’t get quite enough for their baby’s needs. And that’s okay! 

Before you get discouraged, make sure that you are getting enough food, drinking tons of water, relaxing, pumping to boost supply, and doing anything else that will naturally help boost your supply. Some people mistakenly think that their supply is low, but with a little work, it can jump right up. 

But if you’ve tried all that and you’re still struggling, there’s still one more thing that you can try. Lactation supplements!

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

What is a lactation supplement?

Lactation supplements are a group of medicines and herbs that are filled with something called Galactagogues. 

Don’t get nervous about the huge word. 

It is just a scientific word that refers to anything that boosts your milk supply.  The American Pregnancy Association has a great article you can find about it here

You’ll often find pills, drops, flours for baking, and other varieties to help boost your supply. Think of it like a vitamin that helps boost your milk supply while breastfeeding!

What’s most important when looking for the best lactation supplements is to find one that is effective AND safe. You always want to check with your doctor before you add any supplement to your die. But the best lactation supplements are both mom and doctor approved and have been shown to work great!

After looking through tons of options, I’m happy to share with you 10 of the best supplements to increase milk supply. 

Are supplements to increase milk supply effective?

Whenever you’re trying to boost your supply, don’t forget that everyone’s body is different. 

It’s great to want to breastfeed, but what’s most important is that your baby gets the nutrition that they need. And luckily, nowadays there are great alternative options if your supply drops too low. 

But if you are determined like me, you’ll want to try everything else first, including supplements. Since you have a unique body and a unique baby, you might have to try a few supplements before you find one you love. 

Each of the lactation supplements on this list is full of great reviews, so you’re very likely to find one that is really effective for you!

The 10 Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

Nature’s Way Fenugreek

You can’t hear about the best supplements to increase milk supply without hearing about fenugreek. This brand has some great reviews and many moms swear by it. 

A quick note about fenugreek. Many mother’s love taking supplements of fenugreek. It’s one of the most common ingredients in the best lactation supplements for that reason.

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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However, fenugreek has been known to have the opposite and dry up milk supply in some mothers for whatever reason.  So when giving it a try make sure you keep an eye on its effects. 

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea

This brand of mother’s milk tea is always one of the first things suggested if you have a low milk supply. It’s easy and if you like drinking herbal teas then you’ll likely love this too. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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Not only does it have fennel and fenugreek in it which are both known galactagogues, but sitting down with a cup of tea will help you stay calm and relaxed while breastfeeding. 

Pink Stork Total Lactation

This natural supplement is packed full of great herbs! It includes fenugreek, fennel, milk thistle, alfalfa grass, and blessed thistle. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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It’s known to make your breast milk even sweeter and more nutritional for your baby. This is a huge bonus. The more your baby loves the milk the more their sweet little hormones will signal your body to make more. 

Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold

Legendairy Milk brand has incredible reviews from tons of mommas. They have many products that you can try, but their most popular and highest rated is their Liquid Gold supplement. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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This pill includes goats rue, milk thistle seed, and other helpful herbs that are known to help kick your supply into hyper-drive. 

Pure Mom Breastfeeding Supplement

Another great option is this Pure Mom breastfeeding supplement. 

I love this one because it’s so affordable. A lot of supplements tend to be a bit of a luxury item, but this will definitely fit into your budget. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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With about ¾ of the moms who use it saying they have great results, Pure Mom’s breastfeeding supplement has to be on your list. 

Oat Mama Brewers Yeast

This is such a fun one! It’s a powder made of brewers yeast that you can add to your cookie mixes, pancakes, oatmeal, or any other recipe to make breastfeeding snacks.

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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Brewer’s yeast is known to taste a little bitter, but this brand has great reviews and moms absolutely love it and the great results they get!

Natal Nourish Lactation and Breastfeeding Support

If you aren’t into taking pills, this is the option for you. It comes in a liquid drop that you can either take as a shot or add to water to drink. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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With the main ingredients of fenugreek, blessed thistle, anise seed, fennel seed, turmeric root, and red raspberry leaf, it’s supposed to be great-tasting and effective. It will help stimulate breast milk flow, enhance production, support healthy breast milk levels, and even serve as an anti-inflammatory.

Milky Mama Lady Leche

Milky Mama has been referred to me by many friends and family members and their products do not disappoint! They have a large variety of different products to try, but their most popular is their Lady Leche supplement.

Lady Leche is another drop option that you can take alone or with your favorite beverage. Anything that I can add to my favorite smoothie or juice is a win for me!

Happy Healthy Hippie Pump it Up

This may be one of the best lactation supplements with all the great reviews and such an affordable price! You can get 60 of the all-natural pills for about 25 dollars which is unheard of. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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Sometimes adding supplements can upset your baby’s stomach, but this supplement is known to actually help your baby’s tummy and keep them happy and healthy. And with fennel seed, motherwort, red raspberry leaf, and chamomile, this pill will boost your supply and leave you feeling happy and relaxed. 

Mommy Knows Best Fenugreek-Free 

If you are feeling a bit worried about trying products that contain fenugreek, the Mommy Knows Best Fenugreek-Free is a great breastfeeding supplement for you to try. Instead of Fenugreek, it’s packed full of marshmallow root, milk thistle, blessed thistle, goats rue, and Shatavari root. 

Best Supplements to Increase Milk Supply
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And because they understand that all mommas are not the same, they offer free returns with no questions asked if it’s not working for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out one of these supplements to increase milk supply and let us know which one is your favorite!

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