Being a Mom. Things I Swore I Would Never Say

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I remember growing up, thinking I would be a better mom than my own mom I would be the fun mom, the cool mom, the mom who would let her son stay up later, never make her daughter eat brussel sprouts, and never say those phrases moms always seem to say that irk their kids beyond belief. I did more than think this way when I was growing up, I was so confident in my future mom status I would brag about how great I would be as a mom, to my own mother. Well now I’m sure my mom is laughing at me.

I find myself pretty strict when it comes to bedtime. I could be all politically correct and say it’s because I want to ensure my kids get enough sleep to conquer the challenges the next day holds but really I’m just looking for some downtime myself. And brussel sprouts? Yes, you’ll find them on our dinner plate along with squash and asparagus though I still can’t bring myself to serve liver. To be honest, I don’t think twice about these and other new-found mom behaviours I’ve picked up that are the opposite of what my youthful mother-dreams were.

That being said, I was floored when I heard the words “I remember when I was your age…”. You guessed it; those words came out of my very own mouth. Thinking back, I’ve found myself saying a few things I sore I’d never say as a parent, such as:

  1. I can have twice as many cookies as you because I’m twice as big as you
  2. When you become a mom you can make up your own rules, until then you follow mine
  3. Eating carrots will improve your eyesight and help you see in the dark.
  4. Just wait until your father gets home.
  5. Because I said so.
  6. The black part of the toast is the best part.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with grape seeds, just eat them
  8. If you think things are hard now, wait until you are older
  9. Grow up
  10. Eating raw dough will cause it to expand in your stomach and we’ll have to go to the hospital to deflate you
  11. Swallowed gum will sit in your stomach, undigested, forever
  12. What I’m doing is work; what you’re doing is only play


Yup, those have all come out of my mouth, sometimes more than once. Funny how these phrases don’t seem that crazy now that I’m the mom. I look forward to the day my children come to the same realization.

What have you said that you never thought you would?


Sharing is Caring!

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