Beautiful Birth Videos

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Seeing is believing and birth is an incredible sight. Watching a birth video can help reduce anxiety over the unknown for parents as well as inform them as to what birth options might be most attractive to them. Below are a few birth videos demonstrating the some common birthing methods you might be considering.

These birth videos show actual births and may be graphic in nature. Intended for mature audience only. Nudity. Viewer discretion advised.

Water Birth Video
Water births have many benefits for both mother and child which this beautiful birth video demonstrates:

Some hospitals and birth centers are equipped with tubs large enough to facilitate water births like this water birth video:

Hypnosis Birth Video
This hypnosis birth video demonstrates childbirth using hypnosis and water as two tools to aid with a natural labour:

Natural Birth Video (French)
This natural birth video shows birth using chanting, focus and controlled deep breathing to help reduce anxiety and can help to ease the pain of labour:

Sharing is Caring!

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