When Do Babies Roll Over, Sit Up, and Crawl?

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As a new mom, there are so many questions you might have, some might include “when do babies roll over?”, “When do babies sit up?”, and “When do babies crawl?” We are answering these baby milestone questions as we dive into this post. 

Babies grow and change so much within a year. In the first year, your baby will grow and develop and learn more skills than any other year of their life. 

It is fascinating to think that in less than a year’s time your baby can go from sleeping, pooping, and eating only to rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing, and possibly walking so quickly. 

These milestones are the foundation of their motor development as well as their physical development. 

Baby Milestones in the First Year

When we talk about developmental milestones and when your baby does something please remember these are averages. All babies develop at different times. If you have concerns consult your pediatrician. 

When do babies roll over?

when do babies roll over

Roling over usually happens when you least expect it as a parent. I remember so often leaving my baby on a blanket for tummy time on the floor to go move the laundry really quick to then return to see they had rolled over. For most parents, this is usually how it happens, which is why it is so critical to never leave your baby unattended on surfaces off the ground. 

Usually, around 4 months is about the time when babies begin to roll over. By then they have grown amend have enough strength in their arms, backs, and necks which are necessary for rolling over. 

The most common way your baby will roll is from tummy to back because they have enough strength in their body to do sort of like a push up which then makes them flop over onto their back. 

Don’t be surprised though if it takes a few more months to master getting back over to their tummy. This takes different muscles and skills that they have to learn to develop. It is common that by age 6 months your baby can roll from back to front and front to back. 

Tips to Help your baby to roll over

  • Encourage tummy time
  • Activity mats encourage expiration all around them which motivated them to want to flip over
  • Help them gently roll from tummy to back and back to tummy

Can a baby roll over too early?

Rolling over is a huge baby milestone that all parents look forward to happening. But if a baby rolls too early it could be a sign of abnormal reflexes that you will want to consult your doctor about. 

What happens if my baby rolls while sleeping?

It is very common for your baby to roll in their sleep or before they go to sleep. So what do you do if this happens? 

Thankfully by the time your baby starts rolling they are able to sense problems while sleeping. What this means is if your baby is struggling for air they can move their head or cry for help. Also, by the time your baby starts rolling they are at a much lower risk for SIDS as well. 

When do babies sit up?

when do babies sit

After rolling over you will find yourself asking where did the time go as your baby begin to learn how to sit up by themselves. 

In order for your baby to sit up, they must have enough body strength in order to hold their head up. They begin practicing this at month 2 while doing their tummy time as they lift their head up off the ground.

As they continue to do this their upper strength gets stronger and stronger which is what they need to eventually sit up on their own. 

At around 4 months old you will notice that while you are holding your baby in a sitting position they have more strength to hold their head without it bobbling about. This is a great sign that they are developing the muscles for sitting. 

At around 6-7 months old babies will begin to sit unassisted. 

When Babies first start sitting up 

To begin this process of your baby sitting up, babies normally will be a little more hunched over with their hands supporting most of the weight of their body. I always like to have something behind them in case they fall. Boppy pillows are great to place around their bodies in case they fall backward. 

Over time your baby will start to sit up more and be able to get to a sitting position on their own. 

Tips for helping my baby sit up

  • Once your baby has head control encourage sitting in a Bumbo or other chair to help support their body
  • Sit them up in the stroller in a sitting position. Be sure to use the 5 point harness when you do this. 
  • Give your baby as much tummy time as possible so they can develop the strength and muscles that they need. 

When do babies crawl?

when do babies crawl

First-time parents cannot wait for their babies to start crawling! They look forward to a whole new world of exploration… That is until their baby starts getting into everything. You want to make sure that your home is baby-proofed prior to your baby showing signs of crawling to make sure you keep them safe!  

So when do babies crawl? I always say it depends on their motivation level, but it usually happens around 9 months. 

At age 6 months you might think that your baby is going to crawl soon because they might be up on all 4s rocking back and forth. This move is the foundation of crawling. 

When your baby begins moving you might find them doing a commando crawl a bottom scoot or another crawling technique. This is normal if they don’t do the classic crawl. 

Tips for encouraging crawling

  • Plenty of tummy time
  • Place toys just out of their reach so they have to reach and stretch for them
  • Babyproof the house
  • Place your baby on all fours with palms flat on the ground

What if my baby is not crawling by 9 months?

There is nothing to worry about if your baby is not crawling by 9 months. They might just be considered a late crawler. If there are other developmental milestones that they are a little slower in as well that is when you will want to consult your doctor. 

There you have it! Some of the first year baby milestones that encourage growth and exploration within your baby. Did you do anything to help your baby learn these skills? Share in the comments! 

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