12 Tips To Host a Virtual Baby Shower

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Hosting a virtual baby shower is a great way to connect with friends and family near and far and celebrate your new baby!

This year has brought many new ideas to our life, but one of the best things is the fact that we have expanded how we do things! Now more than ever we are connecting with the ones we love in a whole new way. 

Finally, when it comes to celebrating events we have thought outside the box and are throwing virtual showers. By how do you host a virtual baby shower? We are sharing the best tips and tricks to throw the best shower everyone will love! 

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower is basically when everyone meets online (a popular choice is Zoom) to celebrate the mama to be and the baby! You can play online baby shower games, chat, and all kinds of things together as friends and family. 

Certainly, it will have a different feel than the showers we are used to, but it will still be a great way to celebrate the birth of a sweet baby. 

Technology Needed to Host a Virtual Shower

You will need the right technology to be able to host a virtual baby shower. You can use any type of video chat program that can support a group for all those invited can join. 

You can host through Instagram Messenger, FB Messenger or even with Zoom or Skype. Some of these programs do have time and capacity limits so you want to make sure you check first before hosting your shower. 

How Long is a typical virtual baby shower?

You don’t want your virtual baby shower to last too long. The perfect length of time is about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. 

Tips for Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower

Now we know what a virtual baby shower is and how to set one up, use these tips to help plan a great celebration. 

Find a Date and Time

When planning the shower you want to make sure that you pick a date and a time that works! 

  • If you are throwing the shower on the east coast you probably don’t want to pick 10 am on a Saturday if you are inviting friends from California because it is 7 am then. 
  • Be sure to plan the shower at least 2 weeks ahead of time so that there is time for the gifts to arrive. 

Pick a Theme

Even with a virtual baby shower, you will want to pick a baby shower theme. This allows you to decorate the location where the mom to be where be, have themed invites, and play games that align with the theme.

Send Virtual Invitations

Get in the spirit of doing things virtual by sending virtual invitations. Not only is this so easy to do and you make sure everyone gets them on time, but there are such cure invites out there. 

You can send them with music and live links to an online baby registry to make things super convenient for the people coming to the shower. 


Although people might not be in person I think it is still important to decorate. Grab some simple decorations that match the theme or grab some balloon bouquets. This will help get everyone in the spirit of the celebration.

Think about the Food

Are you wanting to have some time to eat and chat at the shower? If so, send an easy recipe that everyone can make. That way the day of the shower they can make a fun treat and enjoy it if they choose with everyone else. 

Choose a Dress Standard

Hosting a virtual baby shower might have people wondering how to come to the party. Determine what that is… Is it a comfy yoga pants party or is it a dress to impress? 

Talk to the mama to be to see what she would like to do for this virtual celebration. 

Have a Timeline

Having a schedule for the shower will help. Some people might feel a little awkward at an online shower so you want to make sure that you keep it moving. I suggest having about 

  • 10 minutes as an arrival / chatting time
  • Play games
  • Enjoy snacks/treat (if you plan for this)
  • Open and share gifts 
  • Say goodbye

Play Games

Although you are not all in person, does not mean you can’t play games! Three are some really great games that can be done online.

  1. Baby Shower Jeopardy– What a fun way to connect as you play this Baby shower Jeopardy game
  2. Baby Shower Quiz– With 8 rounds this virtual baby shower game is sure to be a huge hit! 
  3. Baby Shower Charades- Baby shower charades is a great online game this year. Grab a list of baby shower charade clues 
  4. Baby Shower Price is Right- Another great idea is baby shower Price is Right. The host holds up the item and everyone submits their answer. The person with the closest price without going over wins! 

Have Prizes

Thankfully we live in a virtual age where we can send gift cards to the winners of the games. Plan to send a $5-$10 gift card to the winners of the games for the prizes.

Open Gifts

The best thing about having a baby shower is oooing and awwwing over the gifts! In order to do this, attendees can send their gifts to the baby shower ahead of time. 

This allows you to open the gifts for everyone to see. If someone doesn’t have time to send it they can also hold their gift up for everyone to see and mail it after the baby shower. 

You want to make sure that you explain this on the invite so no one is embarrassed if they forget to get a gift or mail one because they don’t understand how to participate.

Hit Record

Although you might not have a camera to take pictures of everyone that attended, hit record on the virtual platform that you choose. This will be an instant memory keepsake for all who attended especially for the mama to be. 

Love on the Mama

The last and most important tip for hosting a virtual baby shower is to be sure to love on the mama! 

Mamas at the end of their pregnancy need all the love and support that they can get. Share tips with her. Tell her how awesome she is, even share your favorite memories you have had with her. 

Make her feel absolutely loved during the shower! 

With these tips and tricks, you will throw a fabulous party that the mama to be will remember forever! What tips would you add to the list? Share in the comments! 

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Sharing is Caring!