American Express Canada’s Front of the Line Makes for the Best First Concert Experience

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As our kids get older, tickets to see the Wiggles or Raffi are not big on the cool list. Musical tastes evolve and the desire in our kids to see their favourite act on stage is all they dream of. That is the scenario I found myself in recently with my pre-teen daughter. Thanks to American Express Canada’s Front of the Line (FOTL) perk I was able to ensure my daughter’s best first concert experience.

I have always been a big fan of American Express, having benefited from the many advantages offered to me from my Gold Rewards Card. Now as an Amex Ambassador for 2013 I’ll get to experience and share with you the many benefits American Express membership means for families, beyond just a convenient purchase tool. From time to time I’ll share with you some of the experiences and perks American Express offers its members so you can see just how much you and your family can benefit from being a member, if you aren’t one already

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One such perk I had the chance to take advantage of was the Front of the Line program. As with any parent, I want my children’s first experiences to be positive ones, and my oldest daughter’s first ‘real’ concert experience was no different. American Express Canada’s Front of the Line program made that possible. As the name implies, Cardmembers head to the Front of the Line when it comes to accessing tickets to some of the most popular events across Canada. When Fleetwood Mac came to town, a band my daughter was really interested in seeing and one I was keen on too, I was able to purchase tickets from a block of premium seats reserved just for Cardmembers through FOTL Reserved Ticket Access.

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What better way to ensure a great first concert experience than with amazing seats that I was able to book despite the concert being sold out? And since my tickets were purchased with my American Express Gold Rewards Card my purchase earns me Points. Perhaps a hotel room for the next concert experience?

Securing great seats without the stress is a big plus to the best first concert experience, but here are a few other tips:

  • Make sure to bring a pair of earplugs. Young ears are sensitive and you don’t want to hinder your child’s future concert listening years.
  • If you forget the earplugs, check with guest services. Venues are required to supply these should guests ask for them.
  • Grab keepsakes. You can purchase a T-shirt or poster at the merchandise booth with your American Express card but even keeping ticket stubs and grabbing photos are a great way to remember this moment that will never happen again.
  • Talk about what to expect. Depending on the musical talent you’re seeing there might be drinking, smoking, and other drug usage so be sure your child hears about this from you ahead of time. And remind them never to accept anything from strangers.

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Want a first hand taste of the Front of the Line experience? Visit the American Express Canada Facebook Page and check out their Front of the Line Fridays contest. You could win tickets to some of the hottest concerts and shows planned this year.

Being an American Express Cardmember has many benefits beyond just the services expected with a charge card, such as Front of the Line. As I’m sure my daughter would now agree, that makes membership worthwhile. Have you been through the first concert experience with your own kids yet? Do you remember your first concert experience? Do you have any tips or suggestions for other first-time concert goers (and their parents)?

This post was sponsored by American Express Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

Sharing is Caring!