6 Youtube Channels Families Should Watch

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You might think YouTube is just about ridiculous home video stunts or cute dancing baby clips. Or maybe you’ve used it to entertain your kids with episodes of Sesame Street but there are some great channels that families can watch together. We found 6 Youtube channels our family watches regularly and you might be interested in them too.

I love that technology is merging. Your television isn’t just for watching TV shows. With our AppleTV we enjoy watching Youtube as a family on our main televison screen, but finding content for the whole family can be hit and miss. Whether you enjoy Youtube on your television or your computer screen, here are 6 Youtube channels you might want to checkout.

V-Sauce (US)

youtube family channels vsauce

Did you know the any second of a day the spacebar is being pressed 6 million times? Is there any truth to the 5 second rule when it comes to food falling on the ground? Vsauce host, Michael, raises some interesting questions, highlights tidbits of information and facts, and introduces you to new websites, apps and tools he’s found online. Michael’s presentation skills and mix of talking head with visuals keeps you entertained while soaking up knowledge.

Mr Bean’s Offical Channel (UK)

youtube family channels mrbean

We love the antics of Mr. Bean, a series created by and staring comedian Rowan Atkinson. He’s like child stuffed in a man’s body, playing out scenarios without any dialog. His perspective will have you (and the kids) laughing out loud, like a routine visit to the dentist or mailing a letter at the postbox . On his official channel you can see some of the live action shows as well as a few from his animated series.

Minute Physics (Cdn)

youtube family channels minutephysics

Science and equations can seem daunting by Minute Physics’ simple diagrams and real-life scenario examples make it interesting. Do you get wetter walking or running in the rain? Why is it dark at night? These are just some of the topics you’ll discover answers too, or at least get you thinking about, watching an episode of Minute Physics.

The Slow Mo Guys (UK)

youtube family channels slowmoguys

So many things happen around us so fast that we just don’t notice them. I think that’s why we love Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys. Using highspeed cinema cameras, they capture moments that happen in a second, enabling us to see the details. What how a corn kernel turns into popcorn when heated or what happens to a huge water balloon when it’s jumped on.

Official Lego (US)

youtube family channels lego

Sure you’ll see commercial-like videos promoting LEGO’s new sets but you’ll also find videos from LEGO designers explaining the process they went through with coming up with their ideas. You can also see what fans are up to, watching the LEGO Club Channel or the Fan Creations section. If you have LEGO in your house this is a channel worth watching for inspiration and ideas.

Myth Busters (DiscoveryNetworks) (US)

youtube family channels mythbusters

If you haven’t seen the MythBusters, you have to checkout this channel. The number of videos is small compared to other channels but you will probably watch them over and over again. We do. The team demonstrates science in a very interactive way. Not only do they show you what happens but they also explain the science behind it. Basically, they bust myths. This is like the science class every kids wishes they had to attend. From DiscoveryNetworks you’ll catch some episodes of How Things Works and Dirty Jobs that can be interesting to watch (though some Dirty Jobs episodes you might need a strong stomach to view).

Sourcefed (US)

youtube family channels sourcefed

Okay, this isn’t really a family channel but it does have a few clips that older preteen and teens might enjoy when watching with the family. These quick video clips tackle recent news topic, sharing their opinion as well as thoughts from various sources online. They also have clips that highlight movie reviews and apps they enjoy. I’ve discovered many of our favourite family played independent games from this channel. Some clips, after we’ve watched them as parents first for content, we’ve re-watched with the kids, bringing up interesting conversations afterwards. They do touch on some subject matter that you may not want your kids watching so it is best to view videos ahead of time or save for the older family members.

Youtube can be a great source of inspiration, learning and just plain fun. Finding a channel that produces content you enjoy consistently is so much easier than just searching the web for random stuff. We’re always looking for new channels to explore so please share in the comments below some of your favourites channels.

Sharing is Caring!