6 Baby Items You Can’t Live Without

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Every mother has put together a list of the most important baby items that made their lives easier. Here, we tried to mix the lists of several mothers who claim that they cannot live without these baby products. You have to make sure you are searching for quality – not quantity – to achieve the best results.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are just as important as diapers, and you have to choose them carefully to avoid rashes. Trust your friends when they advise you about the wipes you should definitely have in your nursery bag and nursery room. There are many options to choose from, so make sure you do your research before purchasing any. Read more about the must-haves everyone talks about when it comes to the best baby wipes.

Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow

This type of pillow not only benefits your back, but also places the baby in a comfortable feeding position. This fluffy, horseshoe-shaped pillow offers correct support for your little one. Plus, the colorful Boppy covers are easy to wash. You need only consider how often you have to breastfeed a newborn in its first months of life to realize the importance of this accessory.

You will not only make your life easier, but your baby will be happy and pleased, lying in a comfy position that benefits feeding. This lifesaver costs $24.99. Additional slipcovers are purchased separately, and Pottery Barn Kids offers several styles starting at about $25 each.

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank

Breastfeeding is a complex process. Sometimes it becomes challenging and very tiring when you know you have to do it several times per day. That is why this nursing bra tank is ideal; in addition to keeping your tummy covered while you nurse, the tank features a built-in nursing bra, providing easy access for feeding your little one.

You can choose the tank that suits you best in terms of styles and colors. Feel free to wear it alone when it’s hot outside or under another shirt in winter. Some mothers claim that this tank is even better than most nursing bras when it comes to minimizing the belly and breasts. The prices for these wardrobe staples from Glamourmom range from $44 to $55.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy

When your little one has swollen gums and he can’t stop crying, you know he’s teething. You may want to think about purchasing a toy that can soothe your little one’s pain. Well, search no further, because this teething toy is a godsend. Numerous mothers have placed this teething toy on their list of must-haves when it comes to baby products.

Therefore, make sure you purchase it right in time for teething; your baby will immediately love it. Kids gnaw on Sophie the Giraffe to alleviate mouth pain, having fun as it squeaks. So if you’re hearing perpetual squeaking, you’ll know someone enjoys his teething toy.

Angelcare Video / Movement Monitor

Since your little one has irregular sleeping patterns in the first few months, you have to take every opportunity you get to complete other house chores. A baby monitor can be very useful, then, helping you keep an eye on the baby while you take care of other needs. The Angelcare Video / Movement Monitor helps you stay connected when you are not in the same room with your kid.

The all-in-one audio, video, and movement monitor lets you know about your child’s body movement and breathing. Many mothers are thrilled to use this gadget, considering it a real treasure as they don’t have to worry about the baby while he or she sleeps.

Baby Jogger City Select

Another not-to-miss baby product is a baby pram. You need to find a very light version, one that you can easily fold and unfold while holding your baby. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the baby pram fits into your car’s trunk.

A stroller will allow you to deposit your nursery bag while your little one sits comfortably, enjoying the fresh air. It will also be easier for you to get your baby outside, without having to carry him or her in your arms.

The Baby Jogger City Select has 16 distinct configurations. It can easily change from a pram to a single, double, or triple stroller. Therefore, as your family’s needs change, you can continue to use it. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the handlebar to your height.

Providing the best care and attention for your little bundle of joy is imperative when you want to be the perfect parent. This list of baby items you can’t live without can help you deal with any type of crisis while keeping your newborn safe and happy. Remember: a healthy and protected child will reward you with hundreds of smiles. Their smile is your reason to smile.

Sharing is Caring!

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