150 Princess Joke: A Royal Giggle for All the Little Princes and Princesses!

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Most kids love listening to stories of Disney princesses. And they love enacting them. Are your kids one of them? Do they like to hear about princesses?

Well, if you ask me, I am a HUGE fan of Disney princesses. I remember picking up only the story books of princess stories from the school library every week. I used to read them again and again.

Cinderella was my favorite. And I, too, wished to have my prince Charming who would come for me, loving me, when I grew up.

The stories of the Disney princesses captivated not only the minds and souls of kids but also of adults.

I’m a mother of a two-year-old, and she is such a Cinderella fan that she never sleeps without listening to her story at least once.

Now, can you imagine how the combination of these princesses and jokes would be?

And not to mention how entertaining it will be for kids to hear hilarious things about their favorite characters.

Keeping that in mind, I have come up with a collection of the best princess jokes for kids.

Share them with your kids at your family game night to have the most fun!

The Best Princess Jokes for Kids

Do you know what you can do to make your kids happy?

Spend time with them. Yes. They love it when you give them your precious time. And no expensive gifts can replace that happiness.

And one of the best ways you can spend time with them while making them laugh is by sharing awesome jokes. You can make them the happiest if the joke topic is something they like or can relate to.

A princess joke fits the bill well.

As the subject of these jokes is princesses, your kids will be happy to hear and laugh.

I have made a few sections where you can find jokes about Cinderella, Snow White, and more princesses. If your kid likes a specific princess, you can jump straight to that section and make your little one laugh.

So, are you ready to make your kids’ day a bit better?

Read on.

Hilarious Princess Jokes

Hilarious Princess Jokes

Jokes are always funny. After all, they are meant to make you laugh. But not all jokes can have a similar effect on kids.

The jokes in this section are downright hilarious and can make your little prince and princess laugh out loud.

If it is your kids’ birthday party or any other occasion where you want to keep them entertained, you can keep a joke-sharing session. That way, your kids and others will be happy and have a great time.

So, let’s go to the jokes, shall we?

What’s the easiest way to find a princess?
Follow the footprince.

What did Princess Aurora say when her photos weren’t ready for pick-up?
Someday my prints will come in. (Princess Aurora is the princess from Sleeping Beauty)

Which Disney princess made the most clever jokes?

Why did Snow White put on SPF 100 sunscreen?
Because she’s the fairest one of all.

Why did Ariel throw peanut butter into the sea?
To go along with the jelly fish.

What .io game does Princess Peach play?

How did the police arrest the wrong Disney Princess?
They thought she was someone Elsa.

What did the princess do every morning?
She woke up of course.

Who was the most seasoned princess?
Princess Koriand’r (Coriander is an herb used in cooking)

Which Disney Princess do cows like the most?

Where does Princess Ariel keep their tiara?
In her octo-PURSE.

How does the ocean say hello to Princess Ariel?
It waves.

How did the princess know how heavy the dragon was?
It came with scales.

What does Princess Peach use to get things off the high shelf?
A toad stool.

Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer?
Because her coach is a pumpkin.

Why didn’t Princess Jasmine go to the coffee shop?
They didn’t serve royal-tea.

Why did Dopey bring Snow White paper and crayons?
She told him it was time to draw the curtains.

Who won the princess race?
Rapunzel won by a HAIR.

Why did Cinderella get kicked off the soccer team?
Because she always ran away from the ball.

Why didn’t things go the way Princess Komand’r wanted?
Her plan Blackfire’d. (Princess Komand’r is “Blackfire” in DC Comics)

What do Princess Ariel use for money?
Sand dollars.

Where should Ariel have gone to find her lost voice?
The lost and flounder.

What did Mario say to Princess Peach in the underground?
I Lava You.

What did Princess Leia say after planting some trees?
May the forest be with you.

How did Princess Tula of Poseidonis travel?
By seahorse.

What does Ariel like to put on her biscuits?

One-Liner Princess Jokes

One-Liner Princess Jokes

Do you know what the best thing about a one-liner joke is?

They consist of one line. No brainer. But that is what makes them a good choice when you are sharing them with kids.

This kind of joke is short and easy to remember. So, once your kids hear them, they remember them and share them with their friends.

And you know how much kids love to show off when they learn new things, right?

The following are some nerve-cracking princess jokes you can tell your kids and give them one of the best times of their lives!

Which Disney Princess do cows prefer?

Why didn’t the princess go to the coffee shop?
They didn’t serve royal-tea.

Why did Princess Leia fail her exams?
She had Alderaan answers.

Why did the princess go to the library?
To find her happily ever after.

Why did the princess wear glasses?
Because she couldn’t see her kingdom.

Why was princess Zelda sad after watching a bunch of YouTube videos?
She couldn’t find the link in the description.

What did Princess Fiona say when Shrek invited his entire family to stay?
I’m feeling ogre-whelmed.

What kind of cheese thinks it’s a princess?

What type of fruit does a princess love to eat?

Where does Princess Ariel keep her tiara?
In her octo-purse

Why didn’t the Disney Princess go to the doctor when she got sick?
Because the cold never bothered her anyway.

Which Disney princess loves Mexican food?
Taco Belle.

Which Princess is best at football?
Nutmeggin’ Markel.

How do Disney princesses screw in a lightbulb?
They hold the bulb in the socket and wait for the world to revolve around them.

What does Princess Ariel use for money?
Sand dollars.

Why was Princess Fiona so bad at basketball?
Because she had an onion for a coach.

Which Disney princess makes the best judge?
Snow White. She’s the fairest of them all.

What did the Princess say when she saw a talking frog?
You must be Prince Charming.

Why is Princess Zelda the most fashionable person in Hyrule?
Because she’s really Sheik.

Why did Sleepy go to bed in the wood shed?
He wanted to sleep like a log!

6 out of 7 of Snow White’s friends… 
Aren’t Happy!

What does Ariel like to spread on her toast?

Who did Ariel call when she lost her fish friend?
The Lost and Flounder line!

Why does Alice ask so many awkward questions?
She’s in Wonderland!

Which princess is the corniest?

Princess Jokes About Snow White

Princess Jokes About Snow White

Snow White was one of my favorite princesses in my childhood days. I loved her story a lot, along with the seven dwarfs.

And then, when the movie Snow White and the Huntsman got released, I was one of the viewers to watch its first-day first show.

Did you know Snow White has some of the best jokes about her?

For example, “Which Disney princess makes the best judge?

Snow White: she’s the fairest of them all!”

Isn’t it hilarious?

For more such funny jokes about Princess Snow White, read the following!

Snow White is the best judge, why?
Because she is the fairest of them all!

The evil queen gave Snow White the poisoned apple.
“Is this apple natural?” ‘ asked the princess.

How did the evil queen become the most beautiful person in the world by gifting Snow White with an iphone?
Snow White, looking at the phone too much, spoiled her eyes and had to wear ugly glasses.

What did Snow White say when she came out of the photobooth?
Someday my prints will come…

Why does Snow White never go out in the sun?
Because she is afraid that her skin will turn tan and that her name is not Snow White, but Brown Princess.

My mom’s phone password has eight characters and it’s about Snow White. My mother’s password is “Snow White and the seven dwarfs.” Why?
Because Snow White plus seven dwarfs make eight characters.

Which Disney princess would be the best judge?
Snow White, because she’s the Fairest One of All.

I had to choose an 8 character password…
So I chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

How many dwarves can fit in a box?
I’m not sure you should ask Snow White

Snow White started a tutoring center for the Dwarves to teach them math.
She called it “Making the Little Things Count”

Snow White and the Three Dwarfs met Goldilocks and the Seven Bears at a party last week?
They exchanged numbers

How did the 7 dwarfs light up their mine?
Snow light!

What do you call a princess the dark?
No White!

The dwarfs from Snow White want to tell their side of the story…
They’ve signed a 7 figure book deal!

Why does Snow White hate Twitter?
She only has 7 followers!

Why was Dopey the dwarf staring at the orange juice?
Because it said concentrate!

Why did Sleepy the dwarf put a ruler under his pillow?
To see how long he can sleep!

Why is sleepy the dwarf so good at sleeping?
Because he can do it with his eyes shut!

Why did Snow White hate the evil queen?
Because she was a bad apple!

Why can Snow White never reach the top shelf?
Because she hates her wicked step ladder!

Why did Snow White throw a party for Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey?
Because they weren’t happy!

Why did Snow White want to move to New York?
She fell for the big apple!

Who’s Snow White’s least favorite relative?
Granny Smith!

Why was Snow White confused?
Because Doc said he was Grumpy and Happy said he was Sleepy!

Why did Snow White buy her friend a stress ball?
He was grumpy!

Princess Jokes About Sleeping Beauty

Princess Jokes About Sleeping Beauty

I read the story of Princess Aurora, the sleeping beauty, for the first time when I was around eight years old. And from then onward, I used to think how powerful the kiss of true love is!

Like any other princess story, Princess Aurora had to go through a sad phase that ended in happiness.

But as she was in a deep sleep for quite some time, that has given rise to some hilarious jokes. If your kids are sleeping beauty fans, you can treat them with the following jokes about their favorite princess.

What grants wishes and barks?
fairy dogmother!

What slept for 100 years and floats in the sky?
The Aurora Borealis!

What did Aurora say when her photos weren’t ready?
Some day my prints will come!

Why did Aurora lie on the edge of her bed?
She wanted to drop off!

What did Sleeping Beauty do on her phone?
Downloaded a nap!

How do you know if Sleeping Beauty likes you?
She gives you forty winks!

Why did Sleeping Beauty fall asleep in her breakfast?
She was egg-sausted!

What is Sleeping Beauty’s favorite animal?
A zzzzebra!

What’s Sleeping Beauty’s favorite food?

I never know whether or not to trust Sleeping Beauty…
She could be spinning a yarn!

What sleeps all day and lives on Pride Rock?
Princess A-ROARa!

What money does Sleeping Beauty use?

How come Maleficent could turn into a dragon?
She was just very talon-ted!

Why didn’t Flora, Fauna and Merryweather live under a toadstool?
There weren’t any mushrooms!

What did Princess Aurora get for her birthday?

What did Aurora call her dress shop?
Once Upon A Seam

Aurora sold her old spinning wheel for half price
Now that’s what I call fair-retail!

Why did Aurora go to sleep in the forest?
She wanted to sleep like a log!

Did you hear the one about Sleeping Beauty?
It’s a pretty tired joke!

Who turned Sleeping Beauty into a fish?
Her fairy codmother!

I miss understood a Sleeping Beauty
I’ll never be welcome to a funeral again.

What’s Bill Cosby’s favorite Disney character?
Sleeping beauty

What is Bill Cosby’s favorite movie?
Sleeping Beauty.

Being kissed while sleeping is the most beautiful expression of love.
Unless you’re in jail.

Why did Sleeping Beauty go to jail?
She was under a rest

Princess Jokes About Rapunzel

Princess Jokes About Rapunzel

Have you watched the movie “Tangled?” It is based on the story of Princess Rapunzel, who had very long hair. Of course, some changes have been made to make the movie more interesting.

Rapunzel’s hair has been the topic of jokes for many years. And if your little one is a fan of her character, it is time that you share some hilarious jokes about her.

Did you know “Who won the race of princesses?

Rapunzel, By a hair!”

Funny, isn’t it?

The following are some more jokes about Princess Rapunzel!

I was really looking forward to Disney’s portrayal of Rapunzel when Tangled first came out…
But her hair was such a let down.

My ex-girlfriend reminds me so much of Rapunzel…
Except Rapunzel lets her hair down while my ex lets everyone else in her life down

I just discovered a major difference between me and Rapunzel.
Rapunzel lets her hair down but I let everybody near me down.

From the beginning, Rapunzel never wanted a man to climb her tower to save her
She was just kinky and wanted someone to pull on her hair

Rapunzel is not a fairy tale
It’s a hairy tale.

How does Rapunzel keep cool in the summer?
She uses her hAIR conditioner!

Wanna hear a pun about long hair?

I heard Disney is making a princess that’s more PC to viewers.
She’s said to resemble Rapunzel. Except instead of letting down her hair, she lets down everyone in her life.

I was really looking forward to seeing Rapunzel in the Tangled movie.
But her hair was such a let down!

What Disney film should you watch whilst brushing your hair?

I tied up two Disney DVDs with string and put them in the freezer
They were Tangled and Frozen!

Rapunzel got a haircut recently, but she wasn’t happy afterwards
She said it made her lightheaded!

Who’s the funniest Disney princess?

What does Rapunzel and the Tower she is locked in have in common?
One’s a made-up story, the other is a maid up stories!

How did the witch know it was exactly twelve midday?
She used her Witch Watch!

How do we know that Rapunzel went to a lot of parties?
She loved to let her hair down!

What’s purple and screams from the top of a tower?
A damson in distress!

Rapunzel is finally getting the clock fixed at the top of her tower.
It’s high time!

What’s the name of Rapunzel’s friend who lives in a Church tower?

Did you hear Rapunzel’s tower won the non-Church category in the tower design awards?
They gave it a no-bell prize!

Why did Rapunzel live at the top of the tower?
Because she was afraid of depths!

Have you heard about the alternate ending to Tangled where Rapunzel’s hair stays long?
It’s the Uncut Version!

Why did Rapunzel get a pet reptile?
So she could star in the new movie, the Tortoise and the Hair!

I used to not like long hair in Disney movies…
But It’s really grown on me!

Why is Rapunzel the Queen of Quarantine?
Because she stayed indoors for years to avoid the village of Corona!

Princess Jokes About Jasmine

Princess Jokes About Jasmine

Ever since I heard the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp, there was never a night when I didn’t go to sleep without wishing I had one! I used to rub the lamp we used to have in our home deliberately with the hope of a genie coming out of it.

And this is the story of every 90s kid. Such magical the story of Aladdin was!

Of course, the story of Aladdin isn’t complete without his lady love Princess Jasmine, who is the topic of many jokes.

I have dedicated this section of jokes to Princess Jasmine. Please share them with your little one and let them have fun with you!

Is your name Jasmine?
Because you’ve always got Aladdin side you.

Jasmine tried to attend a “Disney Prince Only” gathering
She wasn’t Aladdin.

What’s a tea shop owner’s favorite type of musician?

Which Disney princess would make the best judge?
Snow White, because she’s the fairest of them all!

Why is it a bad idea to give Elsa a helium balloon?
She’ll let it go! (“Let it Go” is the title of a song from the film “Frozen”)

When is a princess strong enough to move a castle?
When she’s playing a game of chess.

What eats more princesses than a dragon?
Two dragons.

Do you know what’s inside Aladdin’s lamp?
It would take a genie-us to find out!

What is Aladdin’s favorite pokémon?

What kind of pet did Aladdin have?
A flying car-pet!

What did Aladdin do when he lost his lamp?
He used a candle instead!

Why did Aladdin wish for a new sat nav?
He wanted to know if he was near or Ja-far!

Why did Jasmine go to the fruit stand in the Marketplace?
She was looking for a date!

What’s does Jafar eat after dinner?

What does Aladdin say when he sneezes?

Why does Jasmine’s tiger only eat raw meat?
Because he doesn’t know how to cook!

Why does Jasmine want a lion?
Because her tiger has the mane part missing!

Why did Jafar not finish school?
He was ex-spelled!

What kind of dog does Jafar own?
A Labracadabrador!

What’s Aladdin’s least favourite type of sea food?
Street urchin!

Why did Jafar take the day off?
He had his staff fill in!

Why is Jafar bad at dating?
He isn’t charming enough!

There was a fire at the incense factory in my town…
Which led to an air quality alert of “jasmine”.

What’s Aladdin’s favorite plant ?

My wife told me to go to the shops to get jasmine tea.
I said, “I don’t know anyone called Jasmine.”


Kids like hearing jokes, no matter what the topic is. But their happiness knows no bounds when they hear jokes about their favorite princesses.

So, what is your kids’ favorite Disney princess? Which section did they enjoy the most?

Tell me in the comments!

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