50 Cheesy Pizza Jokes for Fun With Kids

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Are you craving some oooey, gooey, downright cheesy pizza jokes? If so, I’ve got you covered – here’s one order of extra cheesy pizza jokes coming right up!

Best Cheesy Pizza Jokes

Be warned – these jokes are topped with a sprinkle of puns and plenty of extra cheese!

The Best Cheesy Pizza Jokes

The Best Cheesy Pizza Jokes

When does a master pizzaiolo (pizza maker) share his secret pizza recipes?

On a knead-to-know basis!

Why did the delivery guy invite himself in to eat pizza?

He wanted a slice of the action!

What do you call a pizza maker who’s reached the top of his game?

An aficiona-dough!

What kind of person doesn’t like pizza?

A weir-dough!

Why did the man take a second job as a pizza delivery guy?

He kneaded the dough!

Can you guess what I did when the delivery guy was late with my pizza?

I gave him a pizza of my mind!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get a pizza of my pizza!

What do you get when you cross a historical monument with as many pizzas as you can eat?

A leaning tower of pizzas!

What do you call a villainous pizza?

A pizza work!

What kind of jokes do pizza fans like best?

Ones with extra cheese!

What do pizzas say to their beloved?

Olive you!

Why does everyone love pizza?

Pizza melts everyone’s heart!

What does pizza have that few things do?

A pizza of my heart!

Why did the toppings have to squeeze together on the pizza?

Because there wasn’t mush-room!

Why did the mushroom pizza always get invited to all the best parties?

Because he’s the fun-gi of the party!

How do pizzas feel after being topped with a fresh layer of cheese?

They feel grate!

What do you get when you eat a big pizza with lots of mozzarella on it?

Lot’s of zzzzzzzz’s!

How do you sleep after eating a whole pizza?

Very pizza-fully!

Why was the pizza so confident?

He was feeling saucy!

What do you call a crab eating a pizza?

A crust-acean!

What did the delivery guy say when he was caught taking a nap with an empty pizza box on his lap?

“At yeast, let me explain!”

What song is the number one hit in pizza land?

Slice, slice, baby!

How do pizzas get to work?


Why did the man give up on making pizza jokes?

Because he couldn’t top his pizza jokes!

What do you get when you cross a holy man with a pizza?

Cheesus Crust!

Why did cheddar cheese break up with her boyfriend?

She was too mature for him!

What happened when the pizza worked out for the first time in ages?

He pulled a ham-string!

Which pizza is the most emotional?

Deep crust pizza, of course!

How did the pizza get fired from his job?

He got wood fired!

What happened when the pizza parlor messed up the customer’s order?

The customer ended up with a pepper-only pizza instead of a pepperoni pizza!

What kind of person eats pizza with a knife and fork?

A weir-dough!

What do you call a pizza with no toppings or cheese?


What do the Peace Corps and all kids really want?

They both want peace and pizza!

What do you call a pizza who’s in trouble?

A stuffed crust pizza!

Why did the pizza get kicked out of the restaurant?

He kept hanging a-round without ordering anything!

Why did the delivery guy always get tipped a lot?

He was really friendly and cheesy-going!

What did the motivational poster above the pizza makers station say?

Cheese the day!

A man walked into a pizza parlor; how many types of pizza did he order?

Olive them!

What did the pizza delivery guy say when he quit his job?

I’m leaven’!

How much should you tip a pizza delivery guy?

At yeast a few dollars!

What do you get when you cross a historical painting with a pizza?

Mona Pizza!

Why did the man faint?

Because 7 days without pizza makes one week!

What happened when the pizza’s girlfriend broke his heart?

He was cut and fell apart into eight pieces of pizza!

What is the number one hit in pizza town?

Take another little pizza of my heart!

What do you call a fake pepperoni pizza?

A pepper-phony pizza!

How do you burn 1500 calories while cooking pizza?

You burn the pizza by forgetting to take it out of the oven!

What perfume do pizzas wear?


What did Homer say when he saw the pizza?


What exercise do pizzas do to get ready for their day?

They get stretched!

What happens to pizza?

It’s here today, gone tomato!


Much like eating too much pizza, some of these extra cheesy pizza jokes might just leave you queasy. Hopefully, a sprinkle-full made you laugh, though!

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