65 Funny Lunch Box Jokes For Kids

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Connecting and interacting with kids is such a joy. Hearing them laugh and knowing that you’re the reason behind their laughter is a special feeling.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, everyone harbors the wish to bring a smile to a child’s face.

Perhaps your kid is upset about something, and you want to make them laugh. You can tell them some lunch box jokes!

Maybe you’re a teacher, and you’re looking for a way to lighten the mood of your classroom. What do you do in such cases?

These jokes are a great way to entertain them, keep them engaged, and help them stay distracted from whatever has gotten their mood to be a little off.

We’ve compiled a list of eclectic lunch box jokes for kids that will make them cackle.

Hilarious Lunch Box Jokes to Tell Kids

Hilarious Lunch Box Jokes to Tell Kids

Do you want to make your kids laugh? Or perhaps tickle the ribs of your little cousins through some funny lunch box jokes? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at some hilarious jokes and riddles that make the little ones crack up.

Why do you think the bacon laughed out loud?

It’s because the egg cracked a yoke.

How can you make an injured lemon feel better?

Through lemon-aid.

What is the hue of a burp?


What does a piglet do once school is over for the day?

They do their ham-work.

How does a bee go to school?

They ride the school buzz.

What caused the tomato to blush so much?

It saw the salad dressing.

What position would a ghost take on to play soccer?

The position of a ghoulie.

Why was the cow seen crossing the road?

Because it wanted to go to the moo-vies.

Which fruit do the twins love the most?


Why was the grape seen stopping in the middle of a busy road?

Because it ran out of juice.

What is one thing that you can serve but not eat?

A tennis ball.

What is something that is yours but is used more by your family and friends?

Your name.

If you don’t keep this, it will break. What is it?

A promise.

This element fills up rooms without taking up any space. What is it?


It travels all around the globe but does not leave the corner. What is it?

A stamp.

What is something that can be caught but can never be thrown?

A cold.

What is something that only keeps going up without ever coming down?

Someone’s age.

The more of this you take, the more of it is left behind. What is it?


Why is Yoda such a talented gardener?

It’s because he has a green thumb.

What is a compliment that a fancy cactus would hear?

You look sharp.

Why did the math book look so depressing?

Because it had plenty of problems.

What is the name given to an upset strawberry?

It is called a blueberry.

How does a baseball player stay cool during summer?

By being close to the fans.

Who is hailed as the queen of all school-based stationery?

The ruler, of course!

Why wasn’t the pirate able to play the game of cards?

It’s because he was sitting on the deck.

Why did the bird pay a visit to the hospital?

For her tweet-ment.

Why does the teacher wear sunglasses to school every day?

It’s because her students are incredibly bright.

What type of room with neither windows nor doors?

A mushroom.

Why does a group of eggs refuse to tell jokes?

Because all the eggs crack each other up.

Why did the cookie have to visit the clinic?

It’s because she was feeling crumby.

What did the students hear from Luke Skywalker before they left for lunch?

May the forks be with you.

Why did the donut have to run to the dentist?

Because he required a chocolate filling.

What did eight hear from zero?

Nice belt!

What does a mathematician gobble on during Thanksgiving?

A Pumpkin Pi.

Why did the girl consume her math homework for dinner?

Because her professor told her it was a piece of cake.

Why do plants dislike mathematics?

It’s because they grow square roots.

Why can a giraffe never be seen in elementary school?

Because all the giraffes are in high school.

Why did the fisherman put peanut butter into the ocean?

So that it would go with the jellyfish.

What is something that begins with P, finishes at E, and has multiple letters in between?

A post office.

What is something that goes both up and down but never moves?

A flight of stairs.

What is the name given to a cheese who is always upset?

Blue cheese.

Why was the music teacher in search of a ladder?

So that they could reach the high notes.

Why are fish found in saltwater?

It’s because pepper makes them sneeze.

What did the paper yell to the pencil as words of motivation?

Write on!

What does a librarian take along when they go fishing?


Why does a teddy bear never experience hunger?

It’s because they are forever stuffed.

What is green, white, black, and bumpy?

A pickle wearing a tuxedo.

Why did the banana have to pay a visit to the doctor?

Because he hadn’t been peeling well.

What comment did one toilet pass to the other?

You look slightly flushed.

Why did the bicycle fall over?

Because it was two-tired.

What did the envelope hear from the stamp?

Stick with me, and we can go places.

What comment did the earthquake hear from the ground?

You crack me up.

Why was the picture taken away to jail?

It’s because it was framed.

Why did the nose refuse to go to college?

Because it was tired of getting picked on.

What is the name of a pig who knows karate?

A pork chop.

Which is the tallest building in the world?

The library, since it has the most number of stories.

What did Mars say to Saturn?

Give me a ring anytime.

When do you know an ocean is friendly?

When it’s waves.

What is something that can hold water despite having holes?

A sponge.

When does a moon feel it’s at its heaviest?

When it is full.

How can you make a mouse smile?

Just say cheese.

What is the name given to a sleeping bull?

A bull-dozer.

What is the name given to a kid with a dictionary in her pocket?

Smarty pants.

What is something that flies and has four wheels?

A garbage truck.

Who is smarter than a talking bird?

A spelling bee.

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Holding the attention of a kid isn’t always easy. However, what’s the one thing that kids love? Some hilarious comedy and rib-tickling jokes!

Please review the lunch box jokes listed above and let us know which one you or your child enjoyed the most.

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