Funny Pranks for Kids They’ll Love

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All kids love a good joke and funny pranks to either get played on them or to play on someone else. So we have rounded up some of the best funny pranks for kids that your kids will love.

Pranks for Kids

Funny Pranks for Kids

The best thing about these funny pranks for kids is they are easy enough to do on a whim and then they are easy enough that kids can use to prank each other. 

1. Replace family photos with a celebrity 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

One of my kids’ favorite funny pranks of all time was when I replaced our family picture with a picture of a celebrity. 

They spent the whole day just staring at it and laughing. 

Another version of this funny prank for kids is to take a dry erase marker and draw mustaches and eyeglasses on everyone. The dry erase marker easily comes off with a little bit of window cleaner and a paper towel. 

This is one that you can easily teach your kids to do, just make sure they use the right kind of pen. 

2. Put plastic over the shampoo bottle then screw the lid back on

If you have kids that take showers on their own this is a prank for them. 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

Go ahead and unscrew the shampoo lids and carefully cover it with a piece of plastic and then screw the lid back on. Be sure none of the plastic is hanging off the sides. 

Then the next time they go to take a shower and wash their hair nothing will come out. 

If your kids don’t find this funny prank for kids for a few days you’ll know they don’t wash their hair as often as they should. It’s like a bonus to the prank.

When we did this funny prank on our kids, they didn’t tell us, and they came in our bathroom and did it to every single bottle in the bathroom. 

You gotta love when funny pranks for kids come full circle back to you.

3. Change Color of the Milk

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

One of the best funny pranks is to dye the milk in the milk carton a random color. 

We have died the milk in our home a variety of colors from yellow, to green, to blue, to orange. 

The little kids think it’s so funny and the older kids steer clear of the milk for a few days thinking it is so weird concoction we mixed up. 

4. Freeze a bowl of cereal 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

If you have some extra time before you head to bed this funny prank for kids is a classic. 

Go ahead and grab your kid’s favorite cereal fill the bowl partway with milk and then put it in the freezer. The next morning, take out the bowl add a touch more cereal and milk to hide the frozen part, and serve it to them. 

Your kids will be so confused as to why they can’t scoop out as much cereal as normal and why they are hitting something hard. 

 Pretend to eat poop out of a diaper that is chocolate

5. Eat a fly

Ok, do you have the guts to try and eat a fly? This is the best funny prank  even for adults. 

Go ahead and grab a napkin and place a raisin in it… the more dried up the better. 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

Then you will want to pretend to swat a fly with the kids watching. After you have smacked your fly, announce to the kids loudly, “Got him!”

Then walk over with your napkin, pretend to pick him up with your napkin and pop the raisin in your mouth, and say, “Mmmmm flies are good!” 

Of course, you are eating the raisin, but all the kids will think you ate the fly. 

After that, I always ask my kids who wants to try the next fly. 

6. Clogged straw

This kid prank is brilliant and simple. All you need is a miniature marshmallow, a plastic straw, and your kid’s favorite drink.

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

Take the marshmallow roll it up and place it in the straw at the bottom so they don’t see it. Place the clogged straw into their favorite drink. 

Now sit back and watch as they try so hard to get their drink out of the cup.

This prank will for sure cause some confusion and great fun. 

7. Jello Drink

Looking for a delicious funny prank for kids? This is the one for you. 

This requires you to make a package of jello. 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

Once you have prepared the jello, pour it into drinking glasses, and place a straw in it. Once the straw is in it, go ahead and place it in the fridge to set. 

When it is time for a nice drink of their favorite juice, pull out their “jello drink” you prepared for them. 

Of course, they will try so hard to take a drink and nothing will come up. Best dinner prank for kids ever. 

8. Stuck Coin 

Funny Pranks for Kids They'll Love

Kids love picking up money on the ground, so why not have some fun with their obsession. One of my all-time favorite kid pranks is by securing a coin to the floor and making it impossible for them to pick the stuck coin up. 

Use clear packing tape and tape it to the bottom of the coin and then push really hard and stick it to the floor. 

You will enjoy watching your kid try over and over to pick up this coin. 

You can also glue several coins to the sidewalk or driveway for even more fun.

There you have it. The best funny pranks for kids. Share more great prank ideas in the comments.

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