Transitioning to Healthy Eating with Personal Gourmet Frozen

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It’s not unlike many families to try to eat a little better and establish a healthier relationship with food. We want our kids to have a balanced diet with varied food; however, their dietary requirements may be different than our own. That’s the case in our house right now.

 My husband is looking to make some changes around the food he eats and the portions. This change will be a process and to get there means eating a little differently than the rest of the family.

personal_gourmet_frozen_logoAs the person who cooks most of the meals, the idea of having to alter a meal plan can seem daunting. Instead my husband is going to transition into his healthier lifestyle with help from nutrition expert Rose Reisman. Locally cooked and served under Reisman, Personal Gourmet is the first frozen food delivery service of its kind, offering delicious homemade meals without added preservatives or chemicals.

Eating healthy should be a way of life; not through dieting but rather a simple healthy lifestyle approach. I created Personal Gourmet Frozen to make that lifestyle more accessible for everyone, be it the workaholic or the time-crunched mom,” said Reisman. “Quality is the most important ingredient in Personal Gourmet Frozen and I know our consumers will be able to taste the care put into each dish.”

My husband opted to try the Weight Loss Plan (though a Healthy Living Plan is also available). The meals included in my husband’s weight loss plan are determined based on his requirements (including age, gender, height weight, and level of activity). All of this information is entered through a handy and anonymous online form so there’s no need to ‘fudge’ the numbers. You can choose the number of meals you want in the day as well as how many meals a week (five meals for weekdays only or seven to include the whole week).

My husband works long hours on a crazy schedule so sometimes he skips breakfast or eats a late lunch. Sporadic eating schedules can be the downfall of any weigh loss program. One of the benefits he’s hoping for with the Personal Gourmet Frozen plan is getting into the routine of eating not only healthier meals at proper portion sizes but also eating at regular times of the day, without skipping meals. Having three meals pre-made and delivered means he has no more excuses.

So with the order submitted and the meals delivered, individual vacuum sealed in an insulated bag on Sunday night, my husband is ready to give Rose Reisman’s Personal Frozen Gourmet at try for the next week. It’s great to have healthy meals delivered and ready to enjoy but how they taste will be the real test to sticking to the plan. Looking forward to hearing his judgment in a week’s time.

The 5-day, 3 meal weight loss plan was provided for the purpose of this review. Photo source: (top image) Copyright All rights reserved by rockitpromo

Sharing is Caring!

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