Tikka Curry Corn on the Barbecue

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There was a question being asked in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, asking how we preferred to cook our corn, boil or grill. I have boiled our corn on the stove when looking for a side dish in a pinch but I have to say that grill cooked corn is far superior.

We tried grilling rosemary corn on our barbecue and we all really enjoyed it; it’s now a barbecue staple in our home. I love adding a little seasoning to the corn beyond just butter and salt. When we tried converting our barbecue into a tandoori oven last month for a Pataks Canada grilling post a friend of ours asked if we tried making tandoori corn. He was trying to be funny but it starting me thinking. If we can season our corn with spices for added flavour why not try using curry?


I had a little bit of Patak’s Tikka Curry Paste leftover in my refrigerator from making tandoori-style tikka chicken on the grill, the perfect amount for rubbing our corn. After cleaning the corn (soaking in water to remove all of the silk) I simply brushed on the curry paste, covering all of the corn, and then wrapped in foil.

The Patak’s Tikka Curry Paste is pretty mild. Not surprisingly the corn with a little brushing of paste had a weaker taste but the ones with a thorough coating were a little stronger. Everyone in my family agreed that they liked the stronger taste. Next time I would even try doing a final grill of the corn without the foil to blacken it a little (and avoid the sauciness) but that’s just me.


The best think I like about using Patak’s products is that they enable me to change-up a dish with very little work. Simply applying some of their Tikka Curry Paste to corn to no real effort but completely changed the corn taste. This is why I always have a bottle of their curry in my refrigerator.

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Sharing is Caring!

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