School Party Snack Ideas

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Finding perfect school party snack ideas can be a bit stressful as a mom because we know all kids look forward to these events! But with this great school party snack ideas, it can be a stress-free day for you and a fun time for the kids! 

School Party Snack Ideas

School Party Snack Ideas

Parent volunteers usually assist with providing the snack ideas for school parties, but sometimes it is hard to plan what to bring. It’s nice to have an arsenal of snack ideas in your back pocket when you’re called upon.

When planning snacks for a school party the first thing to know is whether there are any allergies in the class.

Keeping snacks peanut-free is almost always a requirement, but it’s nice to know if some of the students have an egg, dairy or gluten allergy as well.

A fruit or veggie option is always great also. However, this doesn’t have to equate to a boring uninspired healthy snack idea for a school party.

Consider jazzing up your tray but putting veggie dip in a hollowed out pumpkin for the annual Halloween party or serving only red and green veggies at the Christmas party.

Cheese and crackers make for a great addition to any party. It’s sugar free and can easily be changed up to suit the theme of the party.

Cut squares of cheese with a cookie cutter to make snowman, Easter bunnies etc. Or consider skewering cubes of cheese and grapes and hunks of bread for a new twist on an old favorite.

The sweet treat is always the biggest hit of the party, so be sure to go big and bold here. Make creepy cupcakes for a Halloween party, a pretty pink cake for a Valentine’s party, or chocolate nests with chicks and eggs for the annual Easter celebrations.

Individual treats are always popular and the more fun and festive the better.

Salty snacks are a great choice with the kids and appreciated by the teacher, more so than the sugary treat.

Think Pretzels, popcorn and chips, just be sure to check the packaging for allergy information.

Granola bars, cereal bars, cookies, fruit kebobs, muffins, yogurt tubes and popsicles also make for great school snack party options.

Consider approaching the teacher about doing a morning party and offer fun breakfast foods like bagels, yogurt parfaits and waffles.

Regardless of what food is offered, the kids are certain to have fun as long as it’s a stress-free event.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or your child, to come up with the perfect snack. Just make sure it’s fun and festive and it’ll automatically be enjoyed by all.

What are some of your go-to school party snack ideas? Share in the comments! 

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Sharing is Caring!

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