School Lunch Ideas: Ninja Sandwiches

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I received a package from Mr. Christie introducing their new Fruit Krisps, a thin cookie-like treat that’s made with real fruit. Along with these snacks they sent along a few other ideas to beat the lunchbox lull, such as notes, pencils and other small trinkets, and cookie cutters for creating shapes out of food. This had me thinking about the lunches I’ve been sending with my kids to school.

Remember the first day of school and how creative you were packing your child’s lunch? We made caracters out of food and packed special suprises in their lunchbox (we even put a list of 50 lunchbox ideas to help you out). Then the weeks passed and lunch became a task we had to do, at leaset for me it became a task and one I dreaded. The package from Mr Christie reminded me of those early school days and inspired me to rethink the lunches.

Out came the ninjas.

I have used cutters to create shapes out of my kids’ sandwiches. They usually love this, even my oldest daughter who is ten, but I always hated the waste, all that bread that didn’t make it into the cutter. That’s why I love these Ninjabread Cookie Cutters from Fred and Friends. I love so much stuff from Fred and Friends and it’s great that I’m seeing more of it here in Canada now.

Ninjas always seem to be breaking things — walls, bricks, wood — so what a perfect addition to the sandwich. The extra pieces that are leftover from using the cutter are now cut into square shapes to represent the elements the Ninja destroys. My oldest daughter, who asked for leftover lasagna for lunch today as she hates sandwiches, confessed she wished she had opted for the sandwich today.

I wonder how much playing will happen with these sandwiches before they are eaten? 

How do you avoid the lunchbox lull?

Sharing is Caring!

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