Personal Gourmet Frozen, a Healthy Meal Plan Alternative

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More people are trying to get a better handle on the way they eat, trying to eat less food and move toward healthier choices. Getting to that initial healthy state can sometimes be hard. That’s the position my husband is in, trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle, including diet and exercise. His crazy work schedule doesn’t make it any easier.

To help, he’s been trying Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet Frozen for about a week, seeing if he could get his mind focused on eating regular meals, in healthier portion sizes and with better ingredients.

Personal Gourmet Frozen offers two meal options, Healthy Living and Weight Loss; my husband opted for the later. In a society that is embarrassed about any sort of measurement (age, size, capability), it’s nice that you can fill out your profile for the weigh loss menu plan online, anonymously. There’s no need to feel as though you are being judged; therefore, there’s no need to fudge the numbers (which means you’re actually going to get a meal plan that suits your needs).

I was impressed with the delivery, all neatly organized in vacuum-sealed bags and dropped off at our door in a cooler. The sheets included an outline of all menu items by mealtime as well as reheat instructions. My husband could easily plan his daily menu the night before.

With meals such as Grilled Salmon Teriyaki and Dried Cranberry Couscous and Grilled Asparagus or One Whole Stuffed South West Grilled Pepper with Rice, Beans, Beef, Charred Corn and Cheese, I was beginning to regret my husband doing this test instead of myself.  Unlike those pre-packed store meals, designed to help people ‘eat healthy’ when time isn’t on their side, the Personal Gourmet Frozen meals contain no preservatives or chemicals; they are all freshly made then frozen.  I think this difference is obvious just from the taste. My husband, who tends to be a pickier eater than I, couldn’t stop raving about each meal he enjoyed.

To see for myself, I pilfered from his meal plan the Club House Sandwich with Grilled Chicken, Prosciutto, Avocado and Cheddar Cheese. I thought this would be the least appealing to my husband (being a simple sandwich) and therefore the menu item least missed. But even something as simple as a sandwich was really good. Once thawed the bread as well as the avocado and chicken inside didn’t at all seem soggy. I was thoroughly impressed (and apologized to my husband for taking away his opportunity to have a really good sandwich).

Of course Personal Gourmet Frozen doesn’t come cheap but it’s not really expensive either. My husband tried the 5-Day Plan with 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The cost for the one-week is $115 Cdn (plus delivery). Divide that over 15 meals (3 meals for 5 days) it works out to just over $7 a meal or $20 a day. My husband has spent more on the accumulation of muffins and dining out so the cost isn’t that far off but the difference is the quality and quantity of food. He’s actually started eating breakfast and has even found himself full from some of the lunches and dinners, before he’s even finished them.

My husband may not have lost weight during the one week he tried the Personal Gourmet Frozen Weight Loss Plan (though in all honesty, we didn’t do a weigh in to verify), but he has been eating regular meals. And I have some comfort knowing he’s been eating healthy meals. It’s a first step toward a healthier lifestyle, and a tasty step at that.

The 5-day, 3 meal weight loss plan was provided for the purpose of this review. Photo source: (top image) All rights reserved by rockitpromo

Sharing is Caring!