One Corn Dinner, Two Corn Dishes

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When you husband knows a fella who owns a farm you end up with a fridge shelf full of corn. We love corn and have even grilled it on the barbecue but what to do with a whole bushel before it goes bad? Scrolling through Patak’s Canada downloadable BBQ cookbook, Smoke & Spice (pdf file) I discovered their recipe for Indian Corn on the Cob. When we’ve grilled corn I usually remove the husk and silk and wrap in foil but this time I tried Patak’s suggestion of using the husk as the wrapper. It was actually easier to prepare the corn this way than I expected and will probably continue to use this method (less waste).

Pataks Canada Indian Corn Oven

If you’ve discovered anything from my previous #pataksmom cooking experiences you know I love using Patak’s Canada sauces and curries because of how easy they make cooking. This spicy butter recipe for corn was no exception. The recipe is geared for the barbecue but with a backyard full of bees drunk on our neighbour’s fermenting apples from the crab apple tree I resorted to trying the recipe in our oven, with much success.

Pataks Canada Indian Corn

I cooked most of the corn in two batches giving us a light summer-like dinner for one school night. I have found since returning to school and adjusting to the new routine the kids have been a little light on appetites so corn with salad was a perfect dish.

Pataks Canada Indian Corn cookbook

But what about the rest of the corn you’re wondering? Once it was cooked I just cut all the kernels off and placed in a bowl. For lunch the next day I mixed up an easy salad with greens in the refrigerator and for a final touch mixed in the Indian Corn. Even my youngest, who isn’t much of a green vegetable eater, loved her salad, returning an empty lunch container after school.

Pataks Canada Indian Corn Lunch Salad

I loved how the spice from the Patak’s Canada Hot Curry Paste complimented the subdued greens. I think this is my new favourite salad topping. The nice thing about making a batch of Indian Corn kernels is all the other dishes I can’t wait to try it in, like corn fritters or mango corn salsa or even skillet corn bread (staple dishes in our home).

Something as easy as making a spicy butter rub for corn and cooking it in batches is my type of cooking and Patak’s Canada adds a nice world flavour.

Disclosure: I am part of the Patak’s Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions and experiences on this blog are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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    • I love having a container of seasoned kernels in my fridge now Soozle. It’s been great to pull out and mix into fritters, omelettes, salad. I wish I had thought of this earlier in the year.

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