Soup and Sandwich Guide with Recipes

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When the weather turns cooler, nothing says comfort quite like the classic combination of a bowl of soup paired with a crisp, toasted sandwich. This warming meal is easy to prepare and makes for a great finish to a blustery day. These combo meals are satisfying and hearty, and when prepared properly they can even be good for you, too.

Keeping it Balanced

Lighter soups pair well with heartier sandwiches, and vice versa. If the soup you are serving is meat based, consider pairing it with a vegetarian sandwich. Similarly, if a veggie soup is taking centre stage on the table, a chicken, turkey or bacon based sandwich would be a nice compliment

What You Need

Making soup is much easier than it sounds. All you really need is a pot, some water, meat, vegetables, spices, noodles, rice and beans. Feel free to combine leftovers with fresh ingredients, and improve the flavour by using stock in place of the water.

Soup and Sandwich Combinations

These combo meals work nicely together and offer filling fare for an evening meal or weekend brunch. To keep things extra casual, serve your soups in coffee mugs for easy slurping.

Vegetable Barley Soup and Curry Chicken Sandwich

Vegetable Barley Soup – Using whatever lingers in your fridge or pantry, this soup is one for the entire year, as it allows you to make use of what is in season. Add peas and asparagus in the spring, and potatoes and carrots in the winter. Make this ahead of time and store it in the freezer for nights when your family’s schedule is a little hectic.

Curry Chicken Sandwich – Combining leftover chicken (or turkey) with shredded carrots, slivered almonds, sweet raisins and curry sauce offers a quick and easy, yet filling sandwich. Leftovers work well for school lunch, and this can be served on bread or tucked into a pita or tortilla wrap.

Lentil Soup and Tuna Melt

20-Minute Lentil Soup – This soup is brimming with flavour and nutrition. Spinach, lentils, carrots and tomato paste come together in less than 30-minutes for a meal the entire family can enjoy.

Tuna Melt – Tuna topped with melted cheese was meant for family meals. And the flavourings can be simple or sophisticated, based on what those being fed enjoy. Fold in some lemon zest and dill, or olives and onion. Either way this is a classic sandwich that can be prepared quickly, while offering a protein dense accompaniment to a bowl of warm soup.

Creamy Tomato Soup and Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Creamy Tomato Soup – If you were raised in the 1970s or 1980s, tomato soup was surely synonymous with Campbell’s and pop artist, Andy Warhol. Today, it’s not uncommon to find tomato soup bubbling on the stove of many home cooks. Season it with cloves to mimic the soup of your youth, or update your recipe with the addition of fresh basil.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese – Cheese slices are not the only filling for these classic sandwiches. Elevate yours with fancy fillings like bacon, caramelized onion and baby spinach.

Minestrone and Classic BLT

Minestrone – This popular Italian soup is made with pasta and vegetables and is best when made with whatever is in season. There is no set recipe, as anything can be incorporated into the pot, but for an authentic variation be sure to include beans, which will also improve the nutritional value of this heart-healthy soup.

Classic BLT – Believed to be a descendent of the classic tea sandwich, a BLT is made with strips of crispy bacon, iceberg or romaine lettuce, slices of tomato, creamy mayonnaise and toasted bread. >Gourmet versions are popping up more frequently with the addition of foods like avocado and turkey. The classic version is truly best though, and will pair perfectly with a simple minestrone soup.

Sharing is Caring!