Holiday 2011 Food and Wine Pairing

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holiday_wine_food_pairingDinner is planned, guests are invited, but what to serve with your meal?

A visit to your local LCBO can be a little overwhelming with the selection of wines available. Hopefully this food and wine pairing chart will make your wine selection easier. This chart contains wines that are found in the LCBO General List. The wines includes in this pairing chart have all been highly rated by Billy Munnelly author of “Billy’s Best Bottles, Wines for 2012”. This list has a “shelf life of approximately two months before the vintages change so BUY NOW.

Plus all wines listed below are under $20.00 and available on the L.C.B.O General List, making it easy to serve a nice wine or two this holiday season without breaking your budget.

Light fish and meat dishes. Salmon, trout, smoked meats, salads, lightly seasoned stir-friesSauvignon Blanc (white)Coopers Creek “Silver Point” 2010New Zealand$12.95
Dry Riesling (white)Vineland Estates 2008Ontario, Niagara$13.95
Sauvignon Blanc (white)Kato 2009New Zealand$14.95
Seafood and shellfishRiesling (white)Thirty Bench 2010Ontario, Niagara$18.95
Sauvignon Blanc (white)Santa Rita Reserva 2010Chile$13.95
Sauvignon Blanc (white)Trius 2010 VQAOntario, Niagara$13.95
Light pastas with a seafood or light tomato sauce or creamy sauce or with pesto, gnocchi, risotto, seafood salad.Blend (white)Chapoutier “Belleruche” Blanc 2009Côtes du Rhone, France$14.95
Pinot Grigio/Verduzzo (white)Masi “Masianco” 2010Italy$14.95
Un-Oaked Chardonnay (white)Peninsula Ridge “Inox” 2009Ontario, Niagara$11.95
Rich lobster, shell food dishes, white fish (halibut & turbot), spiced chicken, and pork dishesChardonnay (white)Xanadu “Next Of Kin” 2009Australia$14.95
Chardonnay (white)McWilliam’s “Hanwood” 2009Australia$13.95
Chardonnay (white)Louis Latour “Ardeche” 2008France$12.45
Rich poultry (Turkey, duck, goose, etc.) and pork dishesPinot Gris (white)Yabby Lake “Cooralook” 2008Australia$15.45
Chardonnay/ (white)J. Lohr “Riverstone” 2009California$18.95
Cold and cured meats simply grilled chicken, pork and veal. Robustly seasoned and BBQ’d fish dishes.Pinot Noir(red)Albert Bichot 2008Bourgogne, France$15.95
Sangiovese (red)Rocca Delle Macie “Straccali” Chianti 2009Italy$11.45
Pinot Noir (red)Cono Sur 2010Chile$10.95
Most types of meat, beef and especially plainly cooked lamb and homey dishes like Shepherd’s pie and sausagesMerlot (red)181 Wine Cellars 2008Lodi, California$16.95
Melbec (red)Trapiche Reserve 2010Argentina$11.95
Merlot (red)Thierry & Guy “Fat Bastard” 2010France$14.95
Char-grilled steaks, casseroles, spicy meats, vegetarian dishes such as goulashCabernet Sauvignon (red)Carmen “Gran Reserva” 2009Chile$16.95
Carmenère (red)Lapostolle “Casa” 2010Chile$15.95
Shiraz (red)Bodegas Graffigna Reserve 2008Argentina$12.95
Shiraz (red)Mitolo “Jester” 2008Australia$21.95

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