10 Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

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Sometimes it is hard to find fun healthy snacks for kids that they actually like to eat. Normally kids would like to grab a bag of chips or some crackers. 

But wouldn’t it be awesome if you had some fun healthy snacks for kids that they actually liked to eat?

When it comes to kids’ snacks, we want to provide them with healthy snack options so they are fueling their bodies with the right kinds of food.

It’s certainly a balancing act between serving food they will eat, and the food we know is good for them. Here’s a list of fun healthy snacks for kids that kids love because they’re fun and tasty, and parents love because they provide lots of energy and essential nutrients.

10 Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

10 Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids

Here are some fun healthy snacks for kids that your kids will want to eat!

Banana Roll Up

This fun healthy snack is a true delicacy.

Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

Many grownups like it too, especially when it’s made with almond butter. To make a banana roll up spread smooth peanut or almond butter and a dollop of chocolate spread such as Nutella on a warmed whole-wheat tortilla. Place a peeled banana on one side of the tortilla and roll up tightly. Cut into 8 slices and enjoy

Mini Pizzas

Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

To make mini pizzas, open an English muffin, add some pizza sauce (or marinara) and sprinkle cheese on top. Add toppings that your kids love and bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. 

Fruit and Cheese “Kabobs”

My kids love these fruit and cheese “kabobs”.

Thread cubed cheese (we alternate orange-colored cheddar and mozzarella to make it more interesting) and pieces of fruit (grapes, banana slices, apple cubes) on wooden skewers.

Yogurt Parfait

Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

Kids love yogurt parfaits! Pick up a big container of their favorite yogurt, top with some granola or crunched up healthy cereal that they love and top with a few berries. 

Dehydrated Apples

Kids love dehydrated apples because they think they are like chips. You can pick these up at the grocery store or make your own. Regardless if you make yours or buy them your kids will love snacking on them. 

Homemade Trail mix

Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

One of our favorite fun healthy snacks for kids is making our own trail mix. We grab some of our favorite cheese crackers, bear crackers, pretzels, some small candy that they love and create a delicious treat they love. 


Hummus is another great option. With some many different flavors you are sure to find one they love. Dip crackers or vegetables in it for a tasty easy treat in the afternoon. 


Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make

Smoothies are a perfect healthy snack for kids especially during the summer. Find a healthy strawberry smoothie or another flavor your kids love and enjoy smoothies in the afternoon. 

Smoothies can get expensive, but the trick is to buy berries when they are on sale and freeze them or use frozen berries. 

Owl Rice Cakes

Owl Rice cakes are another great option packed with protein as it combines rice cakes, peanut butter and fruit for a healthy kids snack option. 

Ants on a Log

Ants on a log is a fun healthy snack for kids that has been around for a long time!

Grab a piece of celery, add some peanut butter and then place your ants (raisins) on the peanut butter. Your kids will go crazy as they enjoy this treat!

When it comes to fun healthy snacks for kids, variety is key.

I find that if I serve the same snack over and over again, even if it was a big hit the first time, my kids eventually tire of it and hardly touch it. I try to rotate the kids’ snacks and to make them not just healthy, but also fun and interesting!

What fun healthy snacks for kids would you add to the list? Share in the comments what you like to give your kids!

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