Free Meal Plan:Two for One BBQ Chicken

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Sharing is Caring!

Fast, simple, and fresh are what all this week’s recipes have in common. Forget anything complicated or recipes with a mile long list of ingredients, these ones come together with things you may just have sitting around in your pantry. This time of year is very busy for a lot of people with school winding down, graduations, sports heating up, and everyone wanting to spend more time outdoors in the nice weather. Being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a sit down meal with your family, just stick to some quick dinners and you are set!


free_meal_plan_spot_prawns_may30I love simple meals, and this one comes together so beautifully, so easily over at Everybody Likes Sandwiches, it seems almost criminal. Can dinner really be that easy? Throw together a tossed salad, some bread, and you have something worth nibbling on. With local BC spot prawns in season right now, it’s the perfect time to try some out.

Spicy Roasted Broccoli and Shrimp

Photo copyright mccun934


free_meal_plan_lemon_may30Back in March, I went to Toronto and had the chance to meet Cheri from the Sweet Potato Chronicles. We spent a day chopping, eating, and cooking together at the Kraft Kitchens. I really enjoyed getting to know Cheri and drop by Sweet Potato Chronicles often to read or get recipe ideas. This pasta dish is another effortless, few ingredient dinners that you can whip together in no time when the 5 o’clock rush hits. Serve with a big tossed salad and some breadsticks, and you’re done!

Lemon Linguini

Photo copyright James Bowe


free_meal_plan_buttermilk_may30I think Dinner With Julie has the right idea. As the weather gets warmer (well, for all of you-did you know that in Vancouver this has been the coldest April/May on record? Ever?) salads are the way to go. In my house we make huge dinner style salads and then supplement them with fresh buttermilk biscuits and a plate of sliced cheeses and luncheon meats. What I really love about this salad is the home made dressing, as we’re on somewhat of a home made dressing kick these days.

Big Salad with Cornbread Croutons and Buttermilk Dressing

Photo copyright grongar


free_meal_plan_bowl_may30Helene is another blogger I met while I was cooking over at Kraft back in March, and I was so excited to find her blog, La cuisine d’Helene . If you speak French this is a great blog for you as Helene writes in both French and English-and her photography is beautiful! It was very hard for me to choose just one recipe to feature, as I wanted to feature them ALL. A quick stir fry is always nice to have during the week when you have to run out to soccer or baseball practise, and this one looks tasty and fast to make.

Curried Beef over Rice Noodles

Photo copyright Widerbergs


free_meal_plan_bbq_chicken_may30I have a confession to make: I don’t have a barbecue. I baked these chicken legs up in my oven, then stuck them under the broiler to get them nice and browned. You could do that too, but I admit that the barbecue is probably better.

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey

Two For One BBQ Chicken

Sharing is Caring!

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