Free Meal Plans: Bruschetta Beef Patties

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You have some dishes you make that your family loves but perhaps you’re looking to try something new, experience something different. From an evening of pizza to a meatless suggestion of maple glazed salmon, here are five new dishes to mix into some of your family staples.


maple_glazed_salmonA bit sweet and a bit spicy, this Asian style glaze goes beautifully with salmon. This recipe is so fast that I can easily get dinner on the table in record time.

Maple Glazed Salmon
Steamed Rice


bacon_cheese_rostiIn our house, we love to do breakfast for dinner. Crispy potato patties filled with melted cheese and salty bacon are something our entire family loves! You can make one large patty, which is a bit trickier to maneuver, or individual sized ones.

Busy Mom Tip: peel, boil, and cool the potatoes, as well as fry up and crumble the bacon, the night before so they are ready to go when you need them.

Bacon and Cheese Rostis
Scrambled or Poached Eggs
Fruit Salad


vegetarian_pizzaTake out pizza can be expensive, and once you get used to making your own it will be hard to go back! We like vegetarian, but you can switch up this recipe to top your pizza with whatever you wish. Go crazy!

Busy Mom Tip: Get all the fixings chopped and ready to go the night before. You can also make the dough ahead and put it in the freezer (see the recipe).

Vegetarian Pizza

THURSDAY (featured recipe)

Brushetta Beef Patties

Bruschetta Beef Patties
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Green Beans

With the bumper crop of produce available right now, use up what’s left of the tomato patch to top these bunless burgers. They go really well with garlicky mashed potatoes and a steamed veggie. The recipe is fast and easy!



roasted_chickenSpice Rubbed Roasted Chicken

Mango Fruit Salsa
Brown Rice Veggie Pilaf
Tossed Green Salad

I thought I’d take a twist on the usual Canadian Thanksgiving fare and give you something different! This chicken is juicy, spicy, and delicious. If you roast up two birds, you can use the leftovers in wraps or sandwiches.

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without…
Pumpkin pie
Apple crisp with ice cream or Chapman’s vanilla frozen yogurt

Sharing is Caring!

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