Free Meal Plan: White Chicken Chili, Firehouse Style

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Sharing is Caring!

This week’s recipes come to you from all over the place-from a farm house to iPod app, passed down through the generations or a new challenge, they all come to you with one purpose in mind; share a meal with those you love. Food is about so much more than nourishing your body, these writers really show that a good family meal nourishes your soul and provides years of memories for kids. Whether you have the kids right in there chopping veggies or prefer to have them set the table, involve them in some way. You’ll be glad you did.


Free_Meal_Plan_Chicken_MashHave you tried any cooking apps for your iPod or iPhone? Jamie Oliver came out with one recently, and I decided to give it a whirl. This recipe from the included recipe pack came together quickly and was so delicious that my family was practically licking their plates. Fast, healthy, delicious-what more could you ask for?

Herb and Lemon Chicken with Mash


Free_Meal_Plan_potatoesSaucy ribs in a crockpot simmering away on the counter just ready to be devoured when you come in the door just sounds too good to be true. Michelle over at What’s Cooking With Kids has it all figured out-and these sound positively delicious. While you are at her site, check out the cooking classes What’s Cooking offers in the San Francisco Bay area for everyone from pre-school to teenagers. What a fun way to teach your kids how to cook!

Crock pot ribs

Lemon Chive potatoes


Free_Meal_Plan_souffleLooking for something lighter after all that Thanksgiving food? How about some delicious cheese soufflés from Mardi over at Eat Live Travel Write? Don’t be scared off-these ones can be twice baked, which allows you to unmold them and even bake them once again. erfect for entertaining! Serve with a tossed salad for a light dinner, or even make them for brunch.

Cheese Souffles


Free_Meal_Plan_cabbage_rollsAs a child, my mom’s cabbage rolls were one of my favorite dishes. Stuffed with hearty rice and ground beef, bathed in a delicious tomato sauce, they were something we loved to eat after coming in from tobogganing on a nearby golf course. You must check out this fantastic recipe gleaned from Lisa’s husband’s family over at My Own Sweet Thyme. Family recipes that are handed down through the generations are truly the best ones, because they remind us of our childhoods.

Gram’s Galumpki (or Cabbage Rolls)


Free_Meal_Plan_chicken_chiliThis recipe from The Pioneer Woman originally was made with dried beans, and from the photos it looks like they soak up a lot of broth, leaving you with mostly spicy beans and chicken, with a bit of juices.

White Chicken Chili, Firehouse Style

Sharing is Caring!

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