Free Meal Plan: Warm Chicken Asparagus Salad

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Last summer we spent the most amazing Fourth of July at a barbecue with friends in Custer, South Dakota. As the fireworks exploded and “Star Spangled Banner” played, we noshed on buffalo burgers, rhubarb pie, and the best baked beans I’ve ever had. Lasting summer memories are made of these things; family, friends, and good food. So pull up a lawn chair, have a glass of lemonade, and enjoy!


Free Meal Plan: Smoked Back ribs with homemade sauceThere is a difference between grilling and barbecuing, Jon over at Victory or Death in the Kitchen says. These ribs are cooked ever so slowly over low heat, rubbed with spices and then glazed with a tasty sauce. I’m starting to think I will have to buy a barbecue just so I can make these ribs!

Smoked Back ribs with homemade sauce
South Dakota baked beans

Photo copyright Victory or Death in the Kitchen


Free Meal Plan: Salmon and Sundried Tomato AlfredoCandied salmon is a delicacy in this house. Kevin would eat it by the bucketful if I let him, but the beauty of this recipe from Family Feed Bag is that you can change the additions to the pasta around. Prefer chicken? Go that route. While you are at it, throw in some asparagus and roasted garlic. Or just leave it as is.

Salmon and Sundried Tomato Alfred

Photo copyright Family Feed Bag


Free Meal Plan: Asian Beef and Bok Choy SaladDon’t be scared off by fish sauce. Sure, it sounds weird and smells pretty bad, but it helps to make fabulous Asian dishes like this Beef and Bok Choy salad. Tender bits of marinated beef stir fried up quickly so it doesn’t heat up your kitchen and then dressed with some greens can be a quick and painless summer supper. For a twist, pile the salad into wraps!

Asian Beef and Bok Choy Salad

Photo copyright A Spicy Perspective


free_meal_plan_beer_battered_fish_chipsI am not a fan of deep fried food, but the pictures alone on this post almost converted me as soon as I saw them. Crepes of Wrath is my favorite food blog, because everything I’ve ever made turns out delicious-and these look far better than anything I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. Try serving with a crisp green salad on the side and you’re set!

Crispy Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Photo copyright Crepes of Wrath


free_meal_plan_asparagus_saladThis salad is one of my favorite meals in the summer. It looks fancy, but it really isn’t-and all the fresh flavors are just amazing. Light but full of flavor, this also made really great leftovers and we have used the dressing on other salads as well.

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey

Warm Chicken Asparagus Salad

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