Free Meal Plan: Vegetable Curry

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I love Spring!  Loads of fresh seasonal produce is out in the stores right now, and what better way to celebrate warmer weather than to haul out the BBQ?  What, it’s still too cold?  Don’t worry; I also have a Hawaiian themed pulled chicken sandwich that you can make right in your slow cooker.  Who says that even if the weather isn’t co-operating you can’t have summer indoors?


Free Meal Plan: Pea SoupFresh peas are in season right now, and this soup by The Perfect Pantry takes advantage of that. Make a pot and keep in the fridge to tuck into lunch boxes or serve with a thick sandwich at dinner time-either way, it looks delicious. Lucky for you, this soup uses frozen peas so you don’t have to source out fresh.

Pea Soup

Photo copyright The Perfect Pantry, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Hawaiian Pulled BBQ Chicken SandwichesAre you dreaming of hot sunny weather and tropical beaches? Eat Live Run has the right idea with this pulled chicken sandwich that you make in a slow cooker! With few ingredients and the magic of the slow cooker, dinner is ready with minimal fuss. You could also get creative with the chicken and serve it in wraps, salad, or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Hawaiian Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Photo copyright downing.amanda, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Shaved Asaparagus PizzaI love asparagus. This recipe from Tasty Kitchen looks seriously yummy-pizza dough with soft creamy cheese, asparagus, dotted with creamy spreadable cheese, and baked. What a fantastic way to convince kids to eat their veggies! I doubt you’ll have any leftovers.

Shaved Asaparagus Pizza

Photo copyright Hitchster, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Chipolte Lime SteakMy teen loves his steak, and with the flavors of chipotle and lime, he’d be all over this recipe from Patio Daddio BBQ. This is a great blog if you have hauled the grill out from winter storage and are looking for new things to try. The Patio Daddio recommends that you can eat it straight up, or put it in a fajita. This really makes me wish we had a BBQ just so I could try it.

Chipolte Lime Steak

Photo copyright Patio Daddio, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Vegetable CurryCreamy and mild, you will never miss the meat when you serve this delicious vegetarian curry over basmati rice. Lentils make the sauce filling and rich, yet you barely notice they are there.

Vegetable Curry
adapted from Fresh by John Bishop

Sharing is Caring!

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