Free Meal Plan: 5 Root Veggie Meals

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Midwinter is tough for locovores, with little in season or in storage long enough to last from the harvest through to February. This week I’ll be looking at new ways to use root veggies, from salads to quiche, and will roast some alongside a chicken with lemon and thyme. Then to ring in the weekend, some lovely local beef burgers and braised lamb shanks with lentils, which are a significant Canadian crop, particularly in the prairies.


Free Meal Plan: Butternut & Red Potato QuichePerfect for meatless Mondays – if you’re into that sort of thing – this deep dish pie is made colourful with spinach and creamy with two cheeses.

Butternut & Red Potato Quiche

Photo credit: Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen


Free Meal Plan: One Pot Lemon Thyme ChickenDinner in one pot, with chicken, fresh thyme and bright citrus that reminds me spring will come. What could be better in the bleak midwinter?

One Pot Lemon Thyme Chicken

Photo credit: Ceri from Sweet Potato Chronicles


Free Meal Plan: Beet Salad with Orzo & FetaRoasted beets are well loved in green salads with goat cheese; this twist utilizes them in a new way, with orzo (small rice shaped pasta) and salty feta cheese – swap goat cheese in if you really love that combo. Aimee of Simple Bites has a ton of advice and ideas for these humble root veggies.

Beet Salad with Orzo & Feta

Photo credit: Aimee of Simple Bites


Free Meal Plan: Cordon Blucy BurgersProsciutto and Gruyère stuffed and grilled into the middle of a handmade cheeseburger, creating an oozing interior of deliciousness. Take it outside to the grill and brave the elements, or cook them in a cast iron skillet. Serve with baked beans or oven fries. It’s almost the weekend!

Cordon Blucy Burgers

Photo credit: Shaina of Food for My Family


Free Meal Plan: Three Bean Sausage ChiliIt’s Friday night! Pizza is typical in many households, but a pot of spicy chili makes for an easy meal or nacho platter, which everyone can share in front of a movie, hockey game, board game, or whatever else the family gathers to do to ring in the weekend. Set out the pot with cheese buns or biscuits, baked potatoes or nachos, and accompaniments like grated cheese and sour cream. Happy weekend!

Three Bean Sausage Chili

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Sharing is Caring!

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