Free Meal Plan: Sweet Onion Soup

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We are on the cusp of fall, but summer is still hanging on-what to serve?  It still feels like summer in these parts with warm days but cool nights, and while part of me is hoping for a chance to break out my sweaters, I admit I’m thrilled to get a little more wear out of my summer clothes.  While we’re in between, get a last good barbequed ribs dinner in with some fresh peaches, or take advantage of the harvest with some sweet onion soup.  You won’t be going hungry this fall!


Free Meal Plan: Peach and Rootbeer Glazed RibsSummer isn’t completely over, as Sydney from Crepes of Wrath is proving. The weather here is glorious, and before you give up on that barbeque and pack your tongs away for the winter, you must try these delicious ribs. As Hubs and I roared on our motorcycle past orchard upon orchard of delicious BC peaches, I only could think about how amazing these would taste.

Peach and Rootbeer Glazed Ribs

Photo copyright Crepes of Wrath


Free Meal Plan: Egg ToastsSometimes egg salad gets a bad rap. It smells funny when you pack it for lunch and makes bread soggy, so I used to stay away from it until I found this recipe. Check out my discovery of the best egg salad ever over on Chasing Tomatoes. This isn’t your old version full of mayonnaise. With fresh herbs and Greek yogurt, this will be an egg salad you won’t want to trade!

Egg Toasts

Photo copyright Chasing Tomatoes


Free Meal Plan: Vegetarian LasagnaAs the weather turns a bit cooler, it’s good to have something a little heartier on hand to serve for dinner. This vegetarian lasagna from Jenna at Eat Live Run looks amazing! I love how it’s full of veggies, cheese, and even uses the quick cooking lasagna noodles so you don’t have to cook them first. It’s a great time saver!

Vegetarian Lasagna

Photo copyright Ever Jean


Free Meal Plan: Crunchy Honey ChickenStir fries are one of the very few dishes in my house which are a guaranteed hit with everyone. This particular version from How Sweet it Is with its sweet, crunchy chicken and veggies would likely garner rave reviews from the ultra picky in my house. The best part is that you could swap the veggies for whatever you like best! Isn’t that the greatest?

Crunchy Honey Chicken

Photo copyright How Sweet it Is


Free Meal Plan: Sweet Onion SoupI love French onion soup, but it always seems to be a lot of work. This soup has all the great flavors of an onion soup when I don’t have the time or inclination to fiddle with cheese and broiling it under the stove to create the traditional version.

Sweet Onion Soup

Photo copyright Atomic Jeep

Sharing is Caring!

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