Free Meal Plan: Stromboli

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It’s getting busier, and time-crunchier, but dinner is still doable. This week features easy one-dish meals and comfort food-what everyone wants when it’s cold outside and Christmas is right around the corner. You can do it!!


Free Meal Plan: Chicken Thighs With Honeyed Apples and Fresh SageRoasted chicken with apples and sage could not be more wintry, flavour-wise. You’ll likely need fresh sage for the big turkey dinner next week anyway; it will keep in the fridge. Use tart apples for maximum flavour, and don’t bother peeling them – it’s extra work, plus those peels contain much of an apple’s fibre and nutrients.

Chicken Thighs With Honeyed Apples and Fresh Sage

Photo credit: CanolaInfo


Free Meal Plan: Lemon Shallot Baked SalmonThis dinner-in-one is simple to toss together, light and tasty, and as Brooke puts it, resplendent with the flavors of clean and nice. It’s proof that you can have a real meal in the same time it takes to cook spaghetti.

Lemon Shallot Baked Salmon

Photo credit: Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen


Free Meal Plan: Chicken Soup with Heart Shaped CarrotsJaime of Sophistomom shares a great trick – how to carve carrots so that when you slice them, you get little hearts. A fun way to add a little love to your meal.

Chicken Soup with Heart Shaped Carrots

Photo credit: Jaime of Sophistimom


Free Meal Plan: Spinach Mac & CheeseMac & cheese makes everyone happy. The addition of spinach, which wilts in, making it possible to deliver a big bunch of spinach in a small, cheesy package, makes parents happy at a time when vegetable consumption tends to be overlooked.

Spinach Mac & Cheese

Photo credit: Amy of Family Feedbag


Free Meal Plan: StromboliA new twist on pizza night, Stromboli are like homemade pizza pockets that are great to nibble while decorating the tree or take in the car to go. Fill them with anything you like – olives, mushrooms, crumbled sausage – whatever goes well on a pizza goes well in Stromboli.


Sharing is Caring!

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