Free Meal Plan: Spring Vegetable Frittata

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You can’t miss this meal plan-really, you just can’t.  It includes my favourite burger recipe of all time!  Summer means burgers on the barbecue, and the one included in this week’s meal plan is my favourite.  If burgers aren’t your thing, then there is plenty here to keep the kids happy, like bacon fried rice or even a quinoa salad.  Change things around to fit your family’s tastes, and dinner time will be a breeze!


Free Meal Plan: Turkey Sunflower Burgers with Wasabi Mayo and Beet KetchupSince my family doesn’t eat a lot of beef, it has been my mission for years to find a good turkey burger recipe. Some turkey burgers can leave your tastebuds wanting something more, but this recipe is turkey burger nirvana. Subtle heat from wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, sweet but tangy beet ketchup, and crunchy sunflower seeds make this hands down the most loved turkey burger I’ve ever made. I highly recommend you go the extra mile and make the gourmet accompaniments because it’s SO worth it.

Turkey Sunflower Burgers with Wasabi Mayo and Beet Ketchup

Photo copyright Chasing Tomatoes


Free Meal Plan: Mexican Sweet Potato Quinoa SaladWho says healthy has to be boring? Over at Good Life Eats, this guest post by Allison Ruth highlights how easy it is to take a recipe and make it your own. What I love about this one is that if you have a baby six months or older you can even puree some of the sweet potatoes and quinoa with a tablespoon of milk or so and serve. Now how’s that for feeding everyone at once?

Mexican Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

Photo copyright Good Life Eats


Free Meal Plan: Bacon Fried RiceThis fried rice recipe from Love and Olive Oil looks amazing. I don’t know about you, but I always have leftover rice in the fridge and it seems like the tastiest way to just use it all up. Taylor says he could eat it for “breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or for a snack in between”, and I agree.

Bacon Fried Rice

Photo copyright IRRI images


Free Meal Plan: Cowboy SteakDo you have a man that loves his steak? Cooking Underwriter shared what she whipped up for Father’s day, and it looks delicious. A good steak really doesn’t need a lot of dressings, just a great dry rub and cooking it properly can give you a delicious dinner. Make sure to follow her step by step directions and you’ll be on your way!

Cowboy Steak

Photo copyright Cooking Underwriter


Free Meal Plan: Spring Vegetable FritattaI am in love with my John Bishop cookbook, Fresh. There are so many great seasonal recipes in there, and I have loved every single one. This frittata cooks up thick with piles of fresh veggies in it.

Spring Vegetable Frittata

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey

Sharing is Caring!

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