Free Meal Plan: Spice Crusted Ham & Cheese Biscuits

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Baby it’s cold outside – in Alberta, anyway – and so this week I have some hearty, warm-you-up meals on the menu. A rustic bread lasagna that’s far easier to assemble (but every bit as versatile) than regular lasagna, chicken chili tacos made in the CrockPot, a simple meat-free pasta dish with chickpeas, squash soup with bacon and a spice crusted ham that’s perfect for serving a crowd.It seems after a month-long hiatus, people are in the mood to socialize again!


Free Meal Plan: Rustic Bread LasagnaThis rustic bread, eggplant and spinach lasagna comes together in a few steps, none of them difficult. It’s a different kind of casserole, one that could easily be adapted to suit your family’s tastes.

Rustic Bread Lasagna

Photo credit: Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen


Free Meal Plan: Chicken Chili TacosI adore this recipe. Made in one pot – a slow cooker, even – the chicken, garlic, salsa and chili powder cooks slow and low until the meat is pull-apart tender. Wrap it in a corn tortilla with some grated cheese and everyone’s good to go.

Chicken Chili Tacos

Photo credit: Photos by Maya Visneyei Sweet Potato Chronicles


Free Meal Plan: Roasted Tomato & Chickpea Spaghetti with GarlicExpand your spaghetti horizons – there’s no reason topping possibilities need to be limited to tomato and meat sauce! Chickpeas add fibre and protein for little money, and are easy to keep on hand in the pantry.

Roasted Tomato & Chickpea Spaghetti with Garlic

Photo credit: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers


Free Meal Plan: Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon & SageComfort in a bowl, this creamy butternut squash soup with a chowder-like consistency features potatoes, parsnips, fresh sage and jalapeño, all topped with bacon. Serve it with plenty of fresh, crusty bread for dunking.

Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon & Sage

Photo credit: Shaina of Food for My Family


ham and biscuts recipeA roast ham is one of the simplest recipes to make, and will feed a crowd easily. Because hams come precooked, you need only heat it through – in this case with a delicious and easy spice rub. It’s a low maintenance dish if you plan to have friends over for a Friday night dinner – round it out with biscuits, beans, mac & cheese – all comfort foods. Best of all, leftovers can be transformed into everything from sandwiches to pasta dishes throughout the week.

Spice Crusted Ham & Cheese Biscuits


Sharing is Caring!

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